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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

California Vacation 2011

Wow vacation went by SO fast. Cj and I had a lot of fun on our little road trip to California. First we went to Ventura to visit his brother. It was beautiful in Ventura!

Cj and Gus

We were able to meet up with my aunt Kathie at the pier in Ventura.

This is our niece Molly, she's getting so big! She's going to be 1 year in 2 weeks.

We went to this amazing Mexican restaurant in Ventura, it was so good!

After Ventura we headed to my cousin Jen's house in San Francisco. She was very nice to let us stay with her and her boyfriend, Dan. They just moved in that day when we got there! We love SF so much, always stuff happening!

Crazy china town.

This is a real stuffed toad that Dan got for his birthday from his brother. We had lots of fun with him haha.

We went to the SF zoo on Wednesday. It was lots of fun to see all the animals. There were a lot of kids running around it was crazy.

One day Cj and I walked to a taqueria and got big burrito's and walked over to Dolores park. At Dolores park there are always people just sitting on the hills of the park. Usually everyone brings their dogs and just hang's out. It wasn't really park weather friendly, but we still had fun.

Jen's awesome blue house 2 blocks from the Haight.

Jen and I on the muni bus going to watch a play.

Saw a little weiner dog, made me miss Sammy!

After San Francisco we headed to Placerville California where my cousin Karinne lives. We had tons of fun there. We had our Yuba City family meet us at Karinne's and we went to this amazing lake and had a family BBQ.

Dan and Jen. 

Justin and Jena.

Family photo!

Little Andrew is such a trooper. I didn't hear him cry once the whole time Cj and I were there.  He is such a chill baby.

The guy's eating all the crawdad's that they caught at the lake.

The girls.

Jena and I <3

Slumber party! Haha 

The guys playing ball.

We celebrated our one year anniversary at Karinne's. I was sitting at the table and all of a sudden I saw Cj come from the slider with a vase full of flowers :)

He's so sweet I was very surprised. 

For our anniversary Mike and karinne recommended going on a little boat ride around Sacramento. I guess they had wanted to go on it for their anniversary so they decided to join us. It was fun

Andrew looks like he could be my baby, don't you think? 

He's so adorable!

We had a blast on our vacation. I have such an amazing family I was so grateful we were able to be with everyone. I can't believe Cj and I have already been married for one year. It has gone by so fast! I love Cj so much, i'm so lucky to have him as my husband. My love for him grows more and more everyday. Thanks for everything babe I love you.