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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Exciting Stuff

Some exciting things have happened this weekend. Cj's brother Brian and his fiance Cat graduated! They are both now M.D's. How awesome is that? I think it's pretty cool to have 2 doctors in the family. :)

Yesterday our nephew Jack was born! I'm so sad I can't meet him for awhile. But we are really excited. Mom is doing good, and they are already home from the hospital. Jack was 7-11 lbs. Molly seems to be a good big sister so far. 

So precious. 

Tomorrow is Cj's first day as a full time employee. That's right, FULL TIME! Cj got offered full time at Nuskin, with benefits. We are pretty excited. He might not be as excited to work more hours, and losing all his sick hours. But you need to grow up someday I guess. We are ecstatic for this opportunity he has to work full time. Nuskin has been an awesome company for him to work for. 

We were able to skype with Elder Standefer last Sunday for Mother's Day. He is doing really good! He  is really happy to be where he's at, and meeting a lot of new people. It was so nice to just see his face, and make sure he's doing ok. My dad was able to leave work for 30 minutes to come and talk to him too. Some pictures from Elder Standefer's mission.

As you can see he's still himself, being a little daredevil on his P-days.

Mother's Day skype. Isn't he so handsome? I miss my little brother.

I am lucky enough to be going on a little vacation the end of this month! I am going to visit Jen in San Francisco! I am staying for 10 whole day, by myself! Cj is really jealous, but with his new position at work, he's unable to take vacation time until October. :( We'll see how my navigation will be all by myself in SF. 

Pictures of life lately..

Can you believe Haley only has 3 more months left?!  

Cj went to Vegas a couple weekends ago for a guys trip. Olive and I spent some quality time together. We walked to the park one day and she posed the whole time. 

Cj playing Xbox.

Sonic happy hour! 

Got a ghetto hotel in SLC to stay the night so we could see a band play in a venue.  

Look at how young we were! So crazy. It's fun to look through old pictures though to see how much we've grown.

Walk at Bridal Veil.

"Olive, where's Corbin?" That was her face.

Fun girls day with Makel and her sweet daughter Knightley!

Babysat my friends little guy Krew. He walked Olive the whole way to the park and back home. Super cute.

Jonas is Olive's best friend.

Now for some video's..

Chicken's are so weird. But it was fun to just lay in the grass and watch them do their thing in the dirt.

Cj's headband after he ran to Bridal Veil falls. He's nuts.