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Thursday, July 26, 2012

NYC part 2 boat ride.

Our second day in New York we woke up really early. I mean like 8AM New York time, so that's like 6AM Utah time. We had a full day ahead of us. Just to warn you this post may have a picture over load.
We went to breakfast, first thing. Then we had to ride the subway to get to our water taxi that we decided to take around New York City. This was probably my favorite thing that we did while we were there! Even though it was hot as hell. Literally, hot and really humid. 

Everyone kinda freaked me out before I left for NYC (mostly my mom). Telling me riding the subway is really dangerous, and I should ride the subway.. I didn't think it was that bad. There were a few crazy people coming and going. But EVERYONE takes the subway, how else do they get places. So, the good thing was you were always surrounded by people. I probably saw at least 6 rats the whole time I was there down in the subway running around. They're kinda cute in their own way, far away from me!
We got to the water taxi and waited in line. It seemed like forever standing in the sun, melting away. Can't you tell how happy I was in the picture below?

I was so sweaty and hot. I hate being sweaty. I was in a bad mood, and Cj kept trying to grab me and hold me to make me happy. When your hot and sweating you don't want someone holding onto you. I feel bad now for how rude I was being.. I'm sorry babe!

Being on the boat was fun! It was nice to have some wind blowing in my hair.

My handsome man!

The boat was a come and go. It would boat around to places and let people get off and explore, hang out. Then and hour and a half later another one would come get you. We stopped off at the 9/11 memorial. 

It was pretty cool to see the memorial. Everyone there didn't really talk. It's just a really sacred place. 

Jamie and Cj

After we left the memorial Cj got a New York hot dog. He loved it, of course. While we got some pretzels and Popsicle waiting for our boat, I was entertained by people watching. There were people just on the side walks tap dancing, dogs playing, people sleeping in the grass, and I even saw a squirrel running around.

Cj showing his dad where the hot dogs were.

Next stop was boating under the Brooklyn bridge. That bridge is so old! It's amazing how they could build something like that. It reminded me of the Golden gate bridge :) Don't worry Jen, SF is still our favorite.

After the Brooklyn bridge we went around to the statue of liberty. I really couldn't wait to see her in person! I was really, really looking forward to seeing her. My first thought when I saw her was "She's tiny!" She's not as big as I thought she was. It was still really fun to actually see her and be there. So amazing.

Looking through all of our pictures I still can't believe that I was there! 

After our boat ride, we felt like some of us needed to go back to the hotel and lay down, and relax. Getting back to our hotel was another subway ride. Getting to and from places can be exhausting. That's just part of being in the city. I'm not so sure of the city life haha. 

Later in the night, Jamie and his dad went to Broadway. Cj and I, well I wanted to go back to Times Square and do some more shopping.

While we walked around we found the Rockefeller. My mom talked that place up, I didn't think it was that exciting. 

This picture is for Sam and Eli.

Jamie met up with us later to do some shopping. Cj is always in need of new clothes, but he's such a picky shopper. He has a lot of clothes, you know for being a guy. But he only like's like 3 of his shirts, and 1 pair of pants. What's a wife to do?  He does let me shop before he shops too. Which is really sweet of him. But I love getting new dresses. It's a little bit of an obsession. Oops.

Jamie met up with us and we got some good food. 

After getting food we got Jamie some new pants, and we took the subway back to our hotel.

While I was getting ready for bed, the boys were throwing tortilla chips at people from our hotel window. They thought it was hilarious. Dorks.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

NYC part 1

Cj's family and I took a little trip to New York city, the big apple! Wow was it a life changing experience. We had an awesome time. New York is so different from Provo, Utah. Which isn't a bad thing. I feel like there is so much outside of Utah, so it's always fun to go visit new places!

We flew out of Provo. It was so nice b/c it's just down the streets from my parents house. I don't feel like they were very organized there, only b/c it's so small. But I loved flying so close to home.
We arrived in the big apple at about 4pm New York time. We stayed in the Marriott in Manhattan. It was such a nice hotel room! We had a queen sized bed and Jamie, Cj's brother stayed with us. He slept on the hide-a-bed. The first night we went to a deli that was SO over priced. It had really good pickles, but other than that it was $25 for a deli sandwich. Cj and I shared a turkey burger. The burger was $13 completely plain. It had nothing on it but a bun and the turkey burger. You had to pay for tomatoes, lettuce and whatever else you wanted on it. We ate it plain, putting a lot of ketchup on it. :/

After our deli experience Cj, Jamie and I wanted to go to Time's square. I absolutely loved it down there! Bright lights, lots of people and a lot of shops! Char heaven :)

Here is me complaining that my tummy is super full after the deli.

Times square New York city!  

This was probably the biggest forever 21 I've shopped at. It was 5 stories! Loved it!

Time's square was pretty crazy and this was a Thursday night! We went down there on a Friday night, and it was 10 times worse.