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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Friday I watched the kids. I have so fun with Cora b/c I can paint her nails, and she is such a girl. I hope one day I have a little girl!

 I did her hair in Pikachu's! 

I crackled her baby toes!

She LOVES Olive. It's so funny, after I yell for Olive, she'll yell for her too. So cute.

Saturday Cj, Jamie and I went to the Salt Lake fair. We had a lot of fun. At least I did at seeing all the animals. I think my favorite was the bunnies! I totally want to buy one and keep it at my parents! (Obviously I can't keep it at my new place.) I love bunnies. I tried to get fair food. I decided to get sweet potatoe fries. That was a bad idea. They were terrible. They were all soggy and oily, I couldn't even eat them. Honestly disgusting :( $4 wasted. Oh well.

I am so happy in my new place! I just feel so much better about it. I have my own washer and dryer. I'm going laundry crazy. I've been doing laundry like everyday haha! I'm really excited about it. I love the location of our new place too. It different from our last place, so nice. 

I took Olive into Big Lots. I haven't taken inside of place ever since I got kicked out of Wal-Mart for having her in my purse when she was a puppy. The employee's saw her but didn't say anything. thankfully b/c she was being such a baby! I tried putting her in the back of the cart and she started crying. Then I put her in the front of the cart, by my purse. And she just would try to jump to me so I would hold her. So I pretty much held her the whole time in the store. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A week from today Cj and I moved into a new place. We are very happy to be moved out and into our new place. I absolutely love our new place! I don't know what's more stressful, packing or moving. Olive was very concerned when we were packing everything. I think she thought we were going to leave her.

Alie was totally my motivation to keep packing. If I didn't have her, I don't know if half the stuff that got done, would've gotten done. Last Tuesday I got home from work, Cj went to sleep and Alie and I moved what we could until 2 am. Thanks to everyone who helped us last Wednesday move, we would still not be moved in. I am so thankful for those people who helped us. I am so happy to be in our new place! Take a look how cute the outside is.

Front of the house. We live in the basement.

Our side door, with my little gnome!

The backyard. 

Side of the house again.

And Cj got a makeover! A happy wife makes a happy life!


Alie/Vegas baby!

My cousin Alie came to visit us a couple weeks ago, and Cj and I moved into a new place. I was so thankful to have Alie here to help me pack and move. I don't know what I would've done without her.

We took Alie camping while she was visiting, we went up to the Spanish Fork canyon.

It was so pretty up there! We had lots of fun. Even though it rained on us.. We had a lot of lightning storms last week.

We drove down to Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon for Alie's 21st birthday! Vegas was VERY hot. It stayed in the hundreds the whole time, even at night. I think Alie still had a good birthday. She was a princess. Haha

She got her hair curled at Paul Mitchell the school for $10, they did so good.

Alie's first drink, and not her last!

Ihop was the first place to sing her happy birthday, and it wasn't even her birthday. We didn't sing happy birthday to her on her birthday. We went to ihop the next day for breakfast and of course she was wearing her 21 crown. We didn't even say anything and they sang happy birthday to her. Kinda sad, but funny.

We stayed at the Stratosphere. Not really a good place to stay if your just going to be going to the strip. It far from the strip, but our room was really nice. :)

Yes, they have a yogurtland in Vegas!

Egg works is SO good, I highly recommend it. The service was awesome too.

We were only in Vegas for a few days, but a few days was enough. The strip was packed on Saturday night. It was ridiculous. I need a Vegas break for awhile.