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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bolder, Boulder!

Cj and I were lucky enough to go to Boulder, Colorado this weekend. It was so on and off if we were going or not. But, I got my shift covered last minute on Saturday and we just took off as soon as we found out! I am SO happy we went! At first, I will admit, I wasn't too excited. I didn't think Boulder, Colorado sounded that exciting. But we had so much fun! It was a 8 hour and 30 minute drive. It was a long drive, but so worth it. We met up with Cj's brother, Brian. Luckily they had a friend who lives in Boulder, so she just let us stay at her place for the race!

This was on our way to Colorado! 

Later that night they took us to this amazing pizza place, not gonna lie, that place was amazing.  

Cj waiting to get his little package to run.

The hubby and I at breakfast.

Brian and his girlfriend Cat at breakfast.

Yeah that's a breakfast burrito, and yeah I pretty much ate that whole thing! So good!

Cj got breakfast taco's.

Later that day we were able to go on a hike. It was probably my favorite part of our trip. I seriously had to be talked into to go on this hike from other people. Yes, I wanted to nap instead of hike.. But I am so glad I went. It was beautiful!  P.s. everyone should know how much I love my day naps!

We saw dear that were right below us on the hike! 

Brick dog was so good to go on the hike with us.

Me and the girls!

Cj right before his race eating an apple. 

This race was crazy! So fun to be at, I wish I ran! 

Can you see Cj in this picture? It looks like the the beard man is pushing him. He had headphones in and I was screaming his name right after he was done. Of course he didn't hear me. He can be a little deaf at times. 

Cj and I after the marathon! Doesn't he look so tired? Just kidding! He's a champ.

Cj and Brian right after the race.

Graduation 2012

Last Thursday my little brother Corbin graduated from high school! I can't believe that just 5 years ago I was in the same position as he was. My dad had cooked food all day for his graduation dinner. He seemed a little more occupied with his girlfriend Blake during the day/night. Cj was off on Thursday and helped my dad grill! It was good for him. 

We didn't take any pictures before Corbin left for graduation. Which I wish we would've b/c after graduation it was insane! It was a little un-organized afterwards, but I was able to get some pictures of us together. Haley, Tim and Sunny left right after he graduated so they aren't in any pictures.

This picture is so funny! My parents went to choke him for growing up! My dad was cracking up the whole time we were taking pictures!

I love this picture even though Cj's hand is in the way! 

Yeah Corbin Standefer 2012!

Me, Blake and Corbin

I so proud of my little brother! It can be hard to stay in school but he did it! Love you Corbin!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lazenby shout out!!

After I posted my post about sweet Krew. My friend Krystal (Krew's mom) sent me a text that Krew was needed emergency surgery. It broke my heart hearing he was in the ER and then needing emergency surgery due to a umbilical hernia. I was lucky enough to visit him in the hospital while he was drugged up on morphine. Haha But he was a brave little guy with anesthesia. So sad to see him all hooked up to the machines!

Just going to give a shout out to one of my best friends Krystal. She is such a strong person/mom! She has gone through so much with all of her kids the last year. I totally look up to her, and admire her as one of my best friends!

Sunday Cj and I were able to help out with her two older kids. Seriously some the cutest kids you'll meet! I guess they love chilling at my house.

My house usually isn't kids friendly, but we have a lot of electronics , I guess now a days that's kid friendly? Gavyn and Cj played FIFFA on xbox, while Mckenna took care of her pet bird on the kindle. 

Kenna walking Olive to the park.

We had some fun walking to the park close to our house. Kenna LOVED walking Olive on her leash. She's so cute. After the park, we walked over to the Maverick by our house and got some treats. Then after that, it was lunch time. Cj was starving and wanted Burger King. I got Gav a BOY kids meal, but I guess they didn't hear me on the BOY part. So they gave him a girl toy. He was not happy at all about it! :( I felt bad, but it was too crazy to drive back to BK to get him a boy toy. Kenna and I got some crisp burrito's at taco time. 

That same day we were getting a new sink. New people+children+Olive=Olive can be a crazy dog. So I had kids crying, and dogs barking due to new people being in our kitchen. It was a very eventful day! 

Krew is home now and doing well! Thank goodness! I love the Lazenby family.

Cj was going through some old boxes to find a CD for his broken computer? Anyways, he found some old pictures that I have had framed. I miss the young Char!

Here is Jen and I! I was probably 17 years old? This hairdo was my high school days :)

I would just like to share a picture of how stinking cute my little boy cousins are!

Here's Andrew and Caleb, brothers growing up and getting so big!

Today at work I got the sweetest card from a patient! A NICU baby who came to our office and needed Synagis shots and extra visits. His mom gave me sweetest thank you card. She thanked me for being such a great nurse, and for caring for her child. After reading this note, it made my day. You can get very attached to the NICU babies and their special needs. I am one who can get very attached. Her note made me feel so much better as a nurse. This is what being a nurse is ALL about. Taking care of the patient and just treating them as if it was one of my children. I currently don't have any children, but I still love kids. One of these children especially places a special little place in my heart. 

I absolutely love my job! Taking care of children can be so rewarding. Kids are hilarious, even when they aren't feeling good. But I'm here to help (so is Dr. Clayton) when they aren't feeling so good. I feel so blessed to work with Dr. Clayton as his nurse and I love working with the kids!

Olive sometime's loves me :) She seemed pretty moody  today b/c I had to take her to my parents b/c we had a leak in our closet. Long story short, we have had no water. Olive doesn't like the plumbers, So I decided to just drop her off at my parents house before work. I guess Olive just always seems super grumpy. :( 

Friday, May 18, 2012

My week

Monday I was able to go over to the Clayton's for some FHE. We had some yummy homemade pizza, and then did some gardening. Well I didn't garden. I helped by holding Jonas, while everyone else helped with gardening. I am a baby steal-er.

Here is Melissa and her little sister Becci doing some gardening. It was really hot that night!

Jonas is already getting so big! I absolutely just loved holding him and watching him sleep. He's such a sweet little guy. Until he gets hungry, then there's nothing I can do to help.

Cora and I were playing this game to pick which hand we had the little baby doll in before she went to bed.

My mom has been going through all of the pictures that she has when we were little. I came across A COUPLE of me sitting on top of Jena. Even though she's 10 days older than me, I guess I still would try to tell her who's boss.

Wednesday my mom took me and Krystal (and baby Krew) out to lunch at CPK. It was a lot of fun! I always enjoy seeing Krystal and of course Krew! He's such a little ham!

He was so cute, I sat in the back seat with him while we drove up to lunch. He kept giving me smiles and talked to me the whole way up.

I love this one! He's so precious, I just love babies.

Last night Cj and his buddies went fishing. I think fishing is SUPER boring. So I went over to my parents and got Sunny and I treated her to some Los Hermanos. One of my favorite Mexican restaurant's in Provo.

I could live off chips and salsa. Especially Los chips and salsa!

Today Sunny had her birthday party.Yes another birthday party! But with all of her friends. About 16 people showed up. She wanted to have pizza and pasta. Her two favorite things. So I decided to try out making some dough for once. It turned out yummy! And the dough wasn't even hard to make, like I thought it would be!

Corbin helped cut the olive's so he thought it would be cool to hold a knife in this picture. Weirdo.

The finished product! I tired making it heart shaped for May. I think it kinda looks like a heart! I am definitely making dough more often!