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Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear Vegas, you are WAY to hot at 11 o'clock AM. I'm so happy we're just passing through. First stop Ventura California!

Monday, August 20, 2012

My last two weekends in pictures

The last two weekends we have been helping out our neighbor by taking her pugs out for a walk. She has a girl pug named Gracie, and a boy pug named Jack. They both are very different. We enjoyed taking them out to poop.

Olive and Gracie got along pretty well. We did let them come play downstairs with us. Olive did not like that. 

The boyfriend has a Persian cat. He is humongous! His name is Simon. He weighs about 14 pounds, and he looks mean. He just chills where ever. Does whatever he wants. Cj was petting him, and playing with him. Simon rolled over on his back and Cj thought he was being friendly. And he bit Cj on the arm. Haha

Olive and I, Sunday drive to my parents.

My sister Haley and her husband are living at my parents. They introduced us to this card game called "bang". Olive was sitting on my lab while we played and fell asleep with her tongue out. I love when she does that.

Thursday after work Cj and went to seven peaks. Cj is terrified of heights or anything that goes fast. I convinced him to go on this slide that I had never been on. So we're waiting in line with our tube and Cj is just watching everyone go down the slide. He looks at me and he was like "Char, I can't go down this. This is too scary." and he was shaking! And I was just like "Just stop we're in line, your going with me." I am so sympathetic. ;) We finally get up to the slide sit down and the guy pushes us down. Cj was in back and all of the sudden he just starts screaming "No! No! No! No!" and I have never heard him scream the way he was. I was laughing so hard that I almost peed! I had to try so hard not to pee. He survived, we got down the bottle of the slide and we both were just laughing.

We watched the kids on Friday. Cj and Cora took the bike out for a ride. I eventually took Cora on the bike as well and it was so rough! You don't think pulling someone on the back would be hard, but it was. Maybe especially b/c we were riding up hill. Cora was such a flirt with Cj all day. We took to the kids to a Nuskin carnival. They had a lot of fun. When Cj's co-workers saw him, and three kids, they would just look at him and be like "Cj? Are these all your kids?" It was funny to see people's faces. 

Sunday dinner's at my parents wearing beanies my aunt Jeanie made for us.

We were cracking up b/c my mom could not figure out how to use my phone to take a picture. Then I went to put my arm around May and I scratched her face. :(

I love this one of us. Sista's!

Hmmm... my dad is such a good cook! We never go hungry at the Standefer's. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

livin' la vida loca

I feel like once we got home from vacation everything has kinda blurred together. I had to say goodbye to my best friend Charla (for now). She's going off to culinary school in California. She had a little goodbye dinner at PF chang's.

We were able to go to the farmer's market a couple Saturday's ago. It was so fun. We walked down to the market, we took Olive. Got some farmers fruit, street taco's and I got some jewelry. 

I downloaded the flashlight app on my phone and I just loved blinding Cj with it all night long. 

Cj's dad ended up in the hospital one week. That same week I had to go to a funeral for a family friend. Crazy week.

Our backyard can be fun. We have some cute lights outside and we just hang out and water our plants. Our plants are growing out of control! We get at least one big yellow squash a day, lots of basil, peppers and huge cucumber's.

Yes that CUCUMBER is as big as Olive. Insane.

We had our 2 year anniversary! Time flies when your having fun ;) I can't believe its already been 2 years. When I told Cj that it was year number 2 he goes "That's it? It feels like it's been longer." I was like "Umm... what's that supposed to mean?" I guess I can be hard to live with?

 Love, Love, LOVE this picture of Cj and his dad.

We were unable to go out on our real anniversary date this year due to us both working. Welcome to life. But I was able to have a little shopping spree. I bought myself some Juicy Couture perfume, and some soap, candles and air fresheners from bed, bath and body works. I had to shop for myself from Cj so I got the right stuff. Haha I got him some new rainbow sandals, which he was in need of!

We went out for Indian food on Friday to our favorite Indian food restaurant Bombay house. So good, like always. Even though Cj and I have been out to eat probably a million times together. I still love sitting with him enjoying some good food. I love his company. He's my best friend and I wouldn't change my life with him. He's an amazing husband, father (to Olive), and son. I love you Cj!

New York part III

I am a little behind on my New York trip. This was our last two days in New York. We took a train to Huntington. The whole reason why we took a family trip to New York was b/c Celia, Cj's mom had a family reunion. 

The train ride was about an hour. On our way there, there was a teacup Yorkie right in front of us. I was squealing and wanting to hold it, but Cj said I couldn't. It was just chilling in this little purse, so cute!
Huntington was beautiful! Cj's aunt and uncle picked us up from the train station. There house was amazing and tree's all around. Cj had never seen anything so green, or experienced anything so humid. It was SO hot!

 I hung out on the tramp trying to cool off. Probably not the best place to cool off at.
They had a lot of yummy food, and all sorts of drinks.

Couldn't find the guys anywhere, finally found them out front shooting some hoops. Shocker right?

The best thing was we got to see fireflies! I was super excited. I heard a kid say "The fireflies are out!" and I went running with all the kids to go see where they were at. Love them!

Next day and our last real day in New York. We went to Central Park. Cj and Jamie went running through the park, and Cj got lost..

My husband is a cool cat.

Me and Celia.

Where John Lennon was shot :(

Last night we went to Grand Central Station. I thought it was ok. I got some New York Cheesecake, that's all I cared about.

 That's as close as I got to the Empire State building. Wah.

Plane ride home.