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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nicaragua toads :))

Finally the weather here in Utah has been flip flop weather! We'll see how long that lasts for.
Olive get a new friend on Thursday. My parents got a new puppy. Our neighbor dog Lilly had puppies, and they were just giving them away for free. I let my parents know and they came and looked at them on Thursday. They took the runt home that night.

 His name is Rocky, he's the new addition to our family! He is so sweet. He is a jack Russell terrier mix/ bulldog. Trust me, he is loved at the Standefer house.
Cora loved him too. She kept calling him baby. We were trying to prepare her for being a new big sister soon with a little puppy. Haha

Corbin had Mr. PHS on Saturday. We were there to support him. For his talent he did a little karate show. Then he was in a tux and walked down with Blake. He didn't get Mr. PHS but he did really good!
It's cj's birthday and last night we went to the dirty bird to eat and watch the Real Salt Lake game!

Happy birthday hubby! You're the big 24!!!!
 Cj and puppy boy Rocky!
 Sleepy Rocky!
 Me and my cute dress for Cj's birthday :)
 Skyped with Jen and Dan tonight. They surprised us being on skype pretended they were 2 toads from Nicaragua. P.S. The one with the robe is supposed to be Dan. 
I love these two people so much. I'm ready to go visit San Francisco again!! ASAP.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

oh POOP!

We worked after hours tonight. It was an interesting night. Usually there are ALWAYS interesting calls. I don't like doing phones though, I like being back with the patients. The patients usually crack me up, but tonight there weren't any funny kids. I had this seven day old baby, who the parents where concerned about her breathing. Usually babies under 4 weeks you do a rectal temperature in the office. I went to insert the probe in this little girls bottom. Right when I inserted it, she sprayed yellow baby poop all over me. Literally all over me. I had it on my bottoms, my top, and yes, even in my hair. I think the reason why I was freaking out b/c this had never happened to me. Not by any baby. I felt bad, the parents felt bad, and I was just like "this has never happened to me!" I guess I just didn't know what to do. I was really grossed out too. I guess it can be pretty normal to be pooped on by your babies... So I guess now I am officially prepared to have a baby.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last weekend, this week, this weekend!

This was after Haley's ceremony. Cj and I came home, and hung out. It sucked b/c it was day light savings! Ugh, the days go by so fast now. I guess it's good when I'm at work. But it still light outside by 9 o'clock. I don't like it.


 Last Sunday we went to my parents. Every Sunday we try to make it; to both of our parents house. Olive and I taking some pics in the car :)

I know, I'm sorry, I post a lot of pictures of Olive. She's my baby girl. I don't even think that she thinks she's a dog. She thinks she's a human. I treat her like a baby, which isn't a good thing. Right now she's my baby. But when we have kids, we might be in trouble.

 On Wednesday I went over to my friend Krystal's house to go hang out with her and baby Krew. He is so sweet! Oh my goodness! Some babies make me just want to have babies. He is one of those babies. We went on a walk to Walkers to get some drinks. It was so nice outside! The weather was perfect, and it was nice to get out and just have some girl talk.

Love you Krewzer!

Wednesday night I had Sam and Cora over at the house for a couple hours. Sam was on my kindle with headphones. Then Cora was on my phone listening to music with Cj's headphones. She looked so cute with those headphones on, making her cheeks look chubby I just had to take a picture of her!

 Thursday night we went to a Utah Jazz game with some friends. I got a photo of Cj being happy? Yawning? I'm not so sure but I thought this photo was hilarious! 

Some mornings Olive can be really annoying, and all she wants to do is play, and I just want to sleep in!

 Olive looking for Cj in my back seat when we picked him up from work.
Yesterday was St. Patty's day! I had to work, I wore green b/c the kids are really into St. Patty's day, I didn't want to get pinched. I look really tired in this picture. I wore that headband for approximately 1 minute. I feel like ever since I've been a McKinney I really should be into St. Patty's day. They are full Irish!

 This was today, we went over to my mom's. Haley and Tim stayed down at my parents for the weekend. This is Cj helping my mom make some dinner.

 Here's Violet, the preggo cat. We are pretty sure she's due any day. She's really fat, lazy and is nesting..

 Preggo Violet and Olive chilling on the couch. My camera had the flash on, so they have creepy yellow, green eyes haha.

 We did Haley's birthday dinner tonight b/c her birthday is on Tuesday. She wanted Lasagna and chicken wings. 

The happy newlyweds?? I don't know what else to say. 

 May being May with her silly faces. Her and my dad have been doing karate twice a week! I'm proud of her!

   And, last BUT not least, Olive begging for food tonight. She's such a brat. Next Sunday is Cj's birthday! He's going to be the big 2-----4! So old! I keep telling him he's going to be so old and it hurts his feelings. Haha. 24 just seems old. I don't want to keep growing up. I'm trying to convince him to get a hotel room for the night somewhere, hopefully we'll be able to do that and have a little get away! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3-10-12 Haley got married

Today my sister Haley got married. Today has been super hectic. Even though she didn't have a real wedding or reception, it was still stressful! I'm so thankful for my family on my wedding day. They helped us out so much! And helped me not be a bridezilla.
 Haley now currently lives in Ogden, with Tim. Who is her husband now, weird! So we drove up there in two different cars. In one car it was Cj, Blake (Corbin's girlfriend), Corbin and I. In the other car was my dad, mom, and May. We met up at Haley and Tim's place. She wore my wedding dress and she wanted to try it on before the ceremony to make sure it fit. It fit. She wanted to wear it to Olive Garden, which is where we ate. I told her no, I didn't want her getting stuff on it, and that would be weird if she wore a wedding dress to Olive Garden, right? So she changed and we all went to Olive Garden. It was SO yummy! His parents and two sister drove down from Maryland to come to the ceremony. 

Haley before Olive Garden. She surprised Tim being in a wedding dress.

Corbin and Blake.

Cj and I.

Haley and Tim.

May, being May?

After our yummy dinner at Olive Garden. We went back to Haley and Tim's, to put the wedding dress back on. Then At 6:02pm Haley was a little late.. We ran over to the church for her to be married to Tim.

Family photo! Love this! <3

Cj being sexy. ;)

Cj and I!

Corbin and I.

Dad and I, take one! 

Dad and I, take two!

Corbin and Blake. 

Hehe this is Haley's new ferret, his name is Garrett, and he is crazy. But isn't he cute?
Haley's ceremony was short and sweet. They both seem really happy.