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Friday, March 8, 2013

Corbin and his mission send off!

Corbin is gone! Sending a missionary off was a lot harder than I thought it would be! First, before we sent him off. He had his farewell at church where he spoke a couple days before he left. It was fun to have family and friends come to church, and then have a little breakfast treat at my parents after he spoke. His talk went well, he made lots of people cry. Tears of joy, but I was happy and sad at the same time. I was an emotional wreck! You have so many emotions running through you when you have someone serving an LDS mission. I was scared, nervous, happy, sad, and excited. Just a lot to take in to see someone go for 2 years. 
We had everyone come to my parents for breakfast. We counted and had about 80 people total come! After everyone came and went Corbin and I were able to take some pictures together.

My old friend Makel from school, came to support Corbin and we were able to get some photo's together too.

It was so good to see everyone and spend time with everyone. Like I said very emotional.
Ok so his last day..

He never packed up his room, like my dad asked him. Haley and Tim came down for when he got set apart to be a missionary. But they were unable to make it to his send off. He left on a Wednesday, that's when all the missionary's go to the MTC. We went to lunch as a family, minus Haley, to India Palace. It's an Indian restaurant that we really enjoy that has a buffet for lunch, for a reasonable price. Anyways, back to Corbin. He seemed very anxious and nervous while we had lunch. We talked about old times and our family vacations. It was Blake's school lunch at the time, so he went off to talk to her for a few minutes. He came back with his eyes all red and he seemed really upset. :( It made me sad to see him sad, but I knew him serving a mission would be the best thing for him

We realized it was time to go so we went up to the Provo temple to say our goodbye's and take our last photo's with Corbin for 2 years! Walking up to the temple I grabbed his arm and held him close to me. Even though a lot of the time I would be mad at him, or boss him around. I was so sad to say goodbye to him! I really didn't think that I would be that upset. We were able to take some good pictures together.

May and Corbin.

The family! (Minus Haley)

So sweet.

My boys!!

So after we left the temple. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot. Corbin hugged Cj first, and Corbin started crying. Then that made May cry, then my mom started crying, so I started crying. Yeah, we are cry babies in our family. Sunny said goodbye to him and cried SO hard. I really didn't think she would be that sad. It was really sweet when they said goodbye to each other. 
Then I gave Corbin a hug and I told him I was proud of him, and he needed to stay strong. He hugged me tighter and told me he would be strong for me and that he loved me. I was balling my eyes out! Then we all get into the car to drop him off at the MTC. 

That was a weird drive. We're all sniffing and crying in the car, and we drive up to the MTC. Corbin was on his phone saying his goodbye to all his friends for 2 years. We pull up and they were like "Looks like you have a missionary back there!" And we drive through and some of the elder's were like "Well, where are you guys all from?" and we're like "Provo, Utah! Not so far." Haha everyone travels with their families to send their missionaries off. So they just assumed we were from out of state. It was pretty funny. We pulled up to the curb and everything happened so fast! Three elder's came up to us and two of them grabbed Corbin's luggage and then one of them wanted all his papers and immunization records. Then they were just like "Let's go!" And I just remember Corbin opening my door and telling us he loved us and giving my mom a goodbye hug, and he was off. Just like that! 

He spent a week and a half in the MTC and then left for Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday. He called and left me a sweet voice mail while he was at the airport waiting to leave. Last we heard he made it safe to Charlotte! We are so proud of him and happy he made if safe!