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Monday, March 28, 2011

Party like a rockstar.

This weekend there were many birthday's and a couple parties. Cj's birthday was on Friday, we just went over to his parents had cake and pizza and then I took him shopping. Then later that night we went to our friend Victor's show. Nothing too exciting.

Saturday was Sam's jungle party. Melissa was kind enough to invite me over, it was super cute! I took Olive, which was probably not a good idea with a bunch of screaming 4 year old children every where she turned. She growled and barked at the kids, so then she went in the garage.

Melissa read a book and they all had animal masks on. It was really cute.

Here's cute little Eli.

The jungle animal cupcakes. They turned out really cute.

Can't forget Cora..

Saturday night we had lots of friends over, food, and soda pop. We celebrated Cj's birthday and Ed's birthday. They had two TV out in our living room and watched to Jazz game on the one TV and RSL socccer game on the other. Oh boys.

The weather lately has been weird. Today it snowed, but the snow didn't stick, and now it's sunny. I just want it to be summer already!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today I got to babysit the kids. We had a lot of fun! Cora absolutely loves Olive. When she woke up from her nap and saw Olive, she was SO happy. At the beginning it was just me, Sam and Cora. I fed Cora lunch, and by the end of lunch all she was wanting to do was feed Olive... 

By that time I knew we were done with lunch. Then I decided it might be fun to take Olive on a walk. Sam wanted to hold her leash the whole time, which was fine, but Olive loves to run and he wasn't able to hold on that tight. I love this picture.

After the front yard, we moved to the backyard. Cora loved chasing Olive around the yard. She was cracking up, it was so cute.

Sam said a funny comment today. He was like "Do you know what? When you say the word stupid, it makes Jesus cry." and I tried not to laugh b/c of how he said it but I was just like "Yeah that's not a very nice word." Towards the end of the day Olive became attached to Cora, especially if she had food in her hand.
I had to keep a close eye on her b/c I think Cora thought it was a game to try to feed Olive too. 

We had a fun day and picked up Eli from school, and Cj from work. Watching little children can be exhausting haha. I guess especially b/c i'm not used to it. But I love those kids.

Tomorrow is St. Patty's Day so wear something green and make something green for dinner! I hope you all are enjoying your week.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Salt Lake City.

Yesterday Cj and I got a hotel room at little America in Salt Lake City. We both have been busy with work and friends and definitely needed to get away together. When Cj went to get the keys to our room they told us that we got a free upgrade. And Cj was just like "Thanks?" and when we went to our room, it was a suite! It was like a house, it was awesome. We have no idea why we got a free upgrade, but whatevs.

We went to Red Iguana our favorite Mexican restaurant and waited an hour and 15 minutes outside, they were so busy. Totally worth it though!

It was so fun we had these guys play a Santana song for us while we were waiting for our food. I highly recommend that restaurant, so yummy!

This weekend has gone by so quick. But I love spending it with my husband, my best friend, my everything. 

We did miss Olive while we were gone for the night. Luckily Cj's brother stayed at our house with Olive.

She sometimes thinks she's human. She was laying next to me in bed with her head on the pillow and her body under the blankets. :)

We had some friends come over the other night, our friend Justus is moving to New York City. Cj was showing off all his records.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! <3

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, lately I've been having abdominal pains and other things. I went and got checked by a doctor, all my labs came back normal, which is good, and bad. They accidentally found a gallstone, awesome. Which is not even close to where I've been having my pains.  What's the next step? I guess I need to see a GI doctor. I'm hoping my symptoms will just go away on their own.. We'll see.

Yesterday I was off work, driving everyone around. Then around 5 o'clock I got a severe migraine and I took some medicine and it still wouldn't go away. All I was able to do was lay down and close my eyes. Luckily when I woke up this morning it was gone. Work was busy today. It's been busy a lot lately. Poor sick little babies.

I'm really excited for tomorrow b/c Cj got us a hotel room for tomorrow night! We need a night together. Even though we live together I hardly see him. We are too busy for each other I guess. So tomorrow we're going up to Salt Lake when he gets off and going to go to Red Iguana (Our favorite Mexican restaurant) and just hang out and be together. I can't wait. But for tonight, looks like any other Jazz night just going to hang out and watch the jazz game with some friends.