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Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 Days!

Corbin is leaving in 10 days! I can't believe how fast time has gone by, that he's already leaving that soon. I think he's starting to get really really nervous about leaving. He hasn't cleaned up him room, started packing, or preparing. It might be a big wake up call when he gets on the field. But I am trying to stay hopeful and supportive of him, with whatever happens. We have been trying to do fun things with him before he leaves. Like...

Go sledding!

Corbin and Cj built a snowman while I was at work. Don't mind Cj being gangster in this photo.

Corbie and I at church.

Cj went to Anaheim, California for work for three days. He had fun and was able to go to downtown Disney one night. 

Olive lately has been lazy, and not wanting to go outside b/c it's so cold. She's a little stink.

Olive getting what she deserves by Cora. Hahaha

It has been snowing A LOT this winter. I thought it would be fun to throw Olive in the fluffy snow. I don't think she was happy about it.

Cj and I rode the front runner a couple weeks ago to Salt Lake. The ride there took way longer than expected. But we finally made it. Our main reason why we went up was so we could go and explore Trader Joe's.I 'm so happy they have one in Utah! That place is awesome.

Cj won Utah Jazz tickets on the radio on Monday! He was SO excited. He called me at work, which he never ever does. So I was really worried at first. I got on the phone and I was like "Are you ok?" and he was silent for a few seconds and then he was like "Guess who just won Jazz tickets on the radio???!" He was so stoked. He won two tickets and said it was ok if he took me. I didn't know if he wanted to take one of his friends, who actually enjoy the games. :) But we had a little date night, it was fun.

For some reason I am really excited for Valentines day. I think it's fun to have a day to have for couples. And we would be celebrating three years since Cj proposed to me. Thursday I work, but afterwards we are planning on going to our favorite Indian food in Provo, Bombay House! :) <3 

Lastly, Cj just showed me this video today and I'm obsessed. So funny!!