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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things I love lately.

Things that I love lately.

Our new little china hutch drawer set. My dad flew up to Arizona last week, got my grandpa's truck for Corbin, and drove it back to Utah. My grandma filled the truck with some of her things that she's giving to her grand kids. She also gave us the mirror, and the glass jigger. Which is awesome! This has a top part to it, but I decided it was too much, so I currently have the hutch part in my make up room. Yes, I have a make up room! :) She packed a bunch of her china, pictures, and silverware too. Thanks grandma!

The jigger! I think it's so fun. It's something you would see on Pawn Stars. Haha

This Miracle leave-in it's a 10, is really a 10! I can not go one day without using this stuff. It makes my hair gain it's keratin back in the strands, makes my hair feel soft, and it smells so good! I highly recommend getting some of this stuff if you feel like your hair needs some help.

I recently got this new product "Hello Flawless!" from Benefit cosmetics. I was using MAC for my powder foundation, but Nordstrom's is no longer in Orem. So i decided to try something new and I really like it. It covers up your flaws, feels super light, and it has SPF 15.

I can't forget Olive. Even though sometimes she drives me crazy! She really is my best friend, next to Cj of course. I always have her with me. I talk to her like she's a human. Which might not be a good thing b/c I think that she might think she's human. What I love about Olive is she doesn't talk back to me. Hehe

Sunny May

On Saturday Sunny had her Taekwondo belt challenge? Her and my dad go to Taekwondo class about 2 times a week. Corbin used to go with my dad, until he got a girlfriend.. Anyways I got some sweet pictures of Sunny in class.

I love, love, love this one of May and my dad. So proud of you Sunny! Keep up the good work.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring time

My last 2 weeks in pictures...

 My dad made his amazing chicken curry for the office 2 weeks ago when we worked after hours. After we worked 5 days in a row, we were off for a whole week!
Sweet baby JoJo, he is a sweet baby.
 Cora was pretending to be baby Jonas and hang out in his little baby sling. Haha

Cj holding Jonas. He's finally starting to warm up to holding babies. About time!
 While I was off we decided to pull out the hid-a-bed for the weekend. I thought it was fun sleeping in the living room in the hide-a-bed. I was telling Cj it was like we were having a sleepover. Even though we have a sleepover everynight.. Being in a hide-a-bed is different.
 I love my lucky hedgehog necklace from Jen!
 Olive looks terrified in this picture. She's my baby girl.
 Cj taking pictures of himself while i'm thinking he's taking a picture of Sunny and I! Dork.
 Me and my May May.
Cj watching the news with Rocky, while my mom cooks dinner in the back.
My parents cat Violet had kittens. She had 4, but only 3 lived. They are super cute. After they had turned 2 weeks I let Olive meet them. She hopped right into their bed and started licking them, cuddling them and acting like a mom. I really think that she thought she was their mom for a little bit. She is so weird. If any one wants a kitten let me know.

I was off of work for a week and now i'm back. I didn't do much while we were on our break. I did deep clean the house, and shampoo the carpets. It always feels good to shampoo your carpets. The weather has been so great lately! I love the warm weather. 
On Friday I went over to UVU to talk to a counselor about getting back into school. This one counselor helped me get started with a couple things and I have a scheduled appointment with the nursing program counselor on Wednesday. I am ready to go back and get my RN.
This weekend was SO great. On Thursday Cj took me out to dinner, we went to India Palace. It's not as good as Bombay house, but it was still really good. Then on Friday we went to the movies. We saw "The Cabin in The woods". I didn't like it, but Cj said it was ok. Then yesterday our friends invited us to have a BBQ at their house and watch the jazz game. We had a fun weekend.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jonas C.

Got home Tuesday night and then Wednesday ended up watching some more kids. I guess that's what happens when you don't have kids? Just kidding, I offered to help out! :) Melissa had her cute baby boy Jonas Clayton born on 4-4-12! Welcome to the world Jonas/baby JoJo.

I don't know why Sam was making that face. Eli's first time to hold his baby brother. Priceless.

We met Cj at his soccer practice on Grandview hill. They have a playground there so I thought it would be fun for the kids to get out of the house watch Cj play some soccer and play on the swings. 

Cj running, playing soccer. What he lives for!

Vegas K&M style.

Cj and I were fortunate to go drive down to Vegas last Saturday and meet up with some of my cousin's from California. Unfortunately we weren't able to get the whole family down for a Vegas trip, but we still had lots of fun. We left Saturday around 2pm and we did a lot of waiting around the first day and a half. We stayed with my friend Nasiema the first night, but she had to work late Saturday, and work early Sunday. So we weren't able to see a lot of her, but I was happy we were even able to see her and stay at her place. We had a little get together at her house with some friends that night. We went to bed around 2am (3am Utah time). Which is SO late for Cj and I, considering we go to bed at like 10 o'clock every night. Yes, I know we sound old. 

Sunday Karinne and Mike didn't fly in until 8pm so we drove to the Rivera, which is where we stayed and just hung out. Cj did some sports betting. I convinced him to go to the huge mall down the strip. We took a good 2 hours at the mall. Then he did more sports betting, while I napped in the car in the parking lot. :)

Karinne, Mike, Andrew and Caleb finally made it! We went to this AWESOME Thai restaurant in downtown Vegas, now I love Thai food. I got to meet Caleb who is now 3 months old. He is the sweetest baby! Seriously, so happy and smiling always. They got lucky with having two great kids!

I won May a little tiger stuffed animal at Circus Circus.

Little Andrew and the toad from Nicaragua from Jen. Thanks Jen!! We love him!

 The kids had to go to bed early that night, so Cj and I decided just to walk the strip. We didn't get very far.. Haha

  I wanted a "special drink". I talked Cj into letting me get one. $17 with tip for a mojito. But it was so worth it!

Momma Karinne and baby Caleb.

 Family portrait plus some weirdo in an orange shirt.

Andrew loved all the show boats that Mike and Karinne looked at.

Just look at that sweet smiling face. I wanted to play mommy for a couple hours so I had him strapped in the front of me. 

Brothers! <3

Cj, Caleb and I. Kids look good on us huh? Yeah right, try convincing Cj.. It looks like Caleb is throwing gang signs in this picture.

 Daddy and Andrew filling the clowns mouth with water.

Can you not tell we fell in love with Caleb? Even Cj wanted to hold him. I was SO shocked when he asked to hold him. Cj is never like that with babies.


Karinne and me!

I did not want to leave them! It was really hard, but I was thankful we were able to see them and spend some time with family. It was really nice to have a little vacation. We were happy to come home. It always feels good just being home when you get home from a trip.