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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's go Jazz??

Tuesday was my last day of work for a whole week! I got home and Cj had all of his friends over for the Jazz game :( I am completely ignored while he watches the game. I call him multiple times and he completely ignores me. Luckily I had to finish Haley's book wreath that I'm trying to finish for her for her Christmas present. Anyways I tried to do my own thing while the boys watched basketball. Olive wanted me to give her some leftover pizza from the boys.

Yesterday Cj picked up shifts all day and night so I went over to the Clayton's and watched the kids. I brought over the kindle fire, it kept the kids busy.

They thought it would be fun to go down the stairs with their sleeping bag. This video cracks me up b/c Olive didn't know what to think about them doing it. Watch it here!

Cora doesn't like when I put the camera forward faced. She gets really upset when she sees herself. I love Olive in the background.  

She's such a cutie pie!

For Christmas my mom got Cj and I a down comforter. It's SO nice! We slept with it last night, it's so comfy! I think Olive loves it too. I took some pictures of her this morning while she was cuddling with me.

Now I just need to get a cute duvet cover for it! I'm trying to convince Cj to go to Ikea with me tomorrow!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Xmas

We had a great Christmas this year! On the way back from my birthday stay in Salt Lake we stopped and picked up Haley and her boyfriend Tim so they could spend Christmas with us. They got this ferret for free on KSL, her name is Jayda. She super cute, but really smelly. Olive would follow her around everywhere. I don't think she knew what to think. And later she tried to attack her :( No bueno.

Saturday night we went to Cj's parents church for a little service they do every Christmas Eve. We went back to my parents, the boys went to Beto's to get food. I guess they're trying to make it a new tradition. While May and I made sugar cookies. My mom came home from Arizona that night. We watched a little Christmas DVD as a family. 

Christmas morning Cj and I woke up and went over to my parents to open gifts. Everyone got what they wanted, I think ;)

Olive had a bone in her stocking, she was very happy.

I got Cj a new hoodie, and May got a kindle. 

We got Corbin an air soft gun, he was very excited about it. Haley and Tim don't look very thrilled in this picture. 

Here's Olive in the middle of the mess. 

May got an angry birds shirt, hat and a Muppet's hat. She LOVES angry birds. 

I got some Juicy Couture perfume smells so good! 

After opening presents at my parents, then we went over to Cj's parents. It was awesome being with both of our families. Later in the day Cj's parents and Jamie came over to my parents for dinner. It was really nice having all of us together. We had a great Christmas this year. I love my family so much. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Birthday bash!

Thursday was my birthday I had to work so fun ;) I had a nice little surprise when my friend Krystal came in with her baby for an appointment and she brought me in balloons, and cute nail polish. She's so sweet. After work my dad made me my birthday dinner. We had chicken and steak fajitas, Spanish rice, beans and chips and salsa of course.

 My mom wasn't able to be there, her grandpa died (my great grandpa Earl) on Tuesday night. My mom went out to Arizona to be there for my grandma. I think my mom needed a little vacation, even though it was to go to a funeral. I think it was really good she was able to go out there. My great grandpa was 97 years old. Can you believe that? He was a great guy, and lived a long life. I'm glad he's where he needs to be now and isn't suffering from any pain.

Friday Cj and I had to work, but we both got off at noon. We went up to salt lake to celebrate my birthday :) On the way to Salt Lake we stopped in American Fork for me to get my hair colored. Thanks to Melissa I was able to get it done for a very low price. 



We stayed the night at little America (That's where we always stay). We first walked down to gateway to do a little shopping. After some shopping we went over to the best Mexican restaurant ever, Red Iguana! That place is amazing. We waited about 40 minutes until we got our seat. The food was great! I got a chicken enchilada that was smothered in their pablono mole sauce, yummy! It was really good. The only thing that sucked was we were sat right in front of the door, so it was really cold. Someone was always coming in or out. Good thing their food is so good.

After dinner we went back to gateway to finish my birthday shopping. It was awesome b/c all the stores had sales. So I got some pretty good deals. I got some new pajama pants, I was able to get Cora her Christmas present, I got new nail polish and some cute new boots! 

After gateway it was like 10 o'clock and we were both pretty exhausted, and freezing. It was seriously like 12 degree's outside. So we went back to the hotel room, had a nice warm bath. Then Jena called me and I talked to her for awhile and I looked over and Cj was sleeping. Haha. He went to bed at like 11. I had a great birthday though. I love my friends and family so much!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Watch this!

This is my sweet cousin Roial, who is 7 years old! She has an amazing voice, just like her mom! Love and miss you Roial.

Monday, December 12, 2011

iphone's and kindles!

Taking Olive on walks with her ugly sweater. 

Cj's work had his Christmas party last Tuesday and they gave everyone a fire kindle. That's right, a fire kindle! I am in love with it! I was probably more excited about it then Cj was. It's so adorable.

Olive begging for food at my parents. Stink-o.

Friday I was able to visit my favorite little baby boy Krew! I have to get my baby fix somewhere right? I'm so thankful to have friends like my good friend Krystal. She's an awesome lady. And makes beautiful babies.

On Wednesday I got my early Christmas present from Cj in the mail! It's the new iphone 4s and I am in love with it! The forward facing camera is so cool! We have been doing a lot of photobooth lately!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yep, Cj and I are cheaters. We decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving, oops. We were just way too excited to wait to decorate for Christmas. I had a long 5 days off so I was getting antsy too. I finally found my camera cord, and took some real pictures on my camera, instead of my phone. I wanted to share my decorations with you.

First off, the tree.

Our stockings above our fireplace. 

My lil' nativity.  

This is just a little area right across the bathroom that holds all the towels. 

Paul Frank stocking of course hanging on the guest room door. 

This is on top of the TV. We have Cj's grandma's TV that is huge, and ancient. But, at least I can put lots of decorations on top, right?? 

Can't forget Olive. 

She's so wise, and has been driving me nuts while I haven't been working. Stinker.