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Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Been Awhile

Wow, I have not blogged in FOREVER!! I guess I haven't felt the "need" to blog about what's been going on in life. Summer is over, and fall will be over before we know it. We took our trip to California and had a blast! Here are some photos from our trip.

On our way to Cali! Plus, Jamie.

Ventura Beach, CA.

Isn't me nephew Jack adorable? Only 3 1/2 months in this picture. But wears 6 months clothes. That's how the McKinney's roll.

We had some fun at the beach with our sweet niece Molly.

Cj and I biked across the golden gate bridge. This was probably the highlight of our trip. Even though I was grumpy while riding the bike.. I don't know why, but I wore a maxi skirt that day. Everyone was making fun of me for getting on a bike. I was riding up this huge hill and my bike chain came off, and I was ready to give up. Thanks to Cj who made me stick with. We had a lot of fun.

We biked across the bridge to Sausalito. I had these AMAZING chicken tacos. Totally worth the bike ride.

Jen and I at ShabuShabu! Another great night! ;)

 Cj made a little friend at Dolores Park, her name was baby.

Andrew making some blueberry pancakes!

Little baby Caleb let Cj read to him. It melted my heart! So sweet!

You have got to play some pool ball while visiting!

Our little Laney has been growing like a weed! I cannot believe how fast little ones grow.

I am so happy to have her in my life. Every time she smiles and look at me, it makes my heart so happy. Looks like I better get on having one, if they bring that much joy! ;) Most of the time.