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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nothing Happenin'

Olive chilling in the back seat of my car.

Cj thought it would be funny to tease the ladies with having one inside the house eating, and the others outside starving. Don't worry it didn't last longer then 30 seconds.

The other night Cj and I got pizza and watched a movie. We rented Paranormal Activity 3. It had it's scary parts, but I didn't like the ending. That's the hard thing with scary movies. While we were watching the movie I got bored and started taking pictures of Olive's teeth. She totally needs dog braces. 

 Here is Cj and I. I believe this was 2007 this was in the mall parking lot, After my work Christmas party at Red Robin. Wow how time flies.

Cora came over today to come hang out with me. We were able to go walk to the park. The weather wasn't that great. But she was bundled up, and we had fun walking over there.

She is too cute! Hopefully when I have kids, I have a cute girl like her. 

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