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Saturday, July 21, 2012

NYC part 1

Cj's family and I took a little trip to New York city, the big apple! Wow was it a life changing experience. We had an awesome time. New York is so different from Provo, Utah. Which isn't a bad thing. I feel like there is so much outside of Utah, so it's always fun to go visit new places!

We flew out of Provo. It was so nice b/c it's just down the streets from my parents house. I don't feel like they were very organized there, only b/c it's so small. But I loved flying so close to home.
We arrived in the big apple at about 4pm New York time. We stayed in the Marriott in Manhattan. It was such a nice hotel room! We had a queen sized bed and Jamie, Cj's brother stayed with us. He slept on the hide-a-bed. The first night we went to a deli that was SO over priced. It had really good pickles, but other than that it was $25 for a deli sandwich. Cj and I shared a turkey burger. The burger was $13 completely plain. It had nothing on it but a bun and the turkey burger. You had to pay for tomatoes, lettuce and whatever else you wanted on it. We ate it plain, putting a lot of ketchup on it. :/

After our deli experience Cj, Jamie and I wanted to go to Time's square. I absolutely loved it down there! Bright lights, lots of people and a lot of shops! Char heaven :)

Here is me complaining that my tummy is super full after the deli.

Times square New York city!  

This was probably the biggest forever 21 I've shopped at. It was 5 stories! Loved it!

Time's square was pretty crazy and this was a Thursday night! We went down there on a Friday night, and it was 10 times worse.

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