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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alpine, Wyoming

A couple weekends ago Cj and I took a little road trip to Alpine, Wyoming! The Ziegler's had gone down there for part of there road trip and we decided to meet up with them while they were down there. Cj had never been to Wyoming, so I was really excited to have him go b/c I knew he would love it! We were lucky to enough to have stayed in the honeymoon suite at Steve and Diana's. They just had recently sold it, but the new owner let us stay for a couple of days.

We got to Steve and Diana's Friday around 6:30pm and everyone had already eaten dinner, and the guys were ready for a night fishing trip. Cj sat down to eat dinner and Steve said "You better eat fast." Cj downed his food and all the guys were off. I was able to stay back with Karinne and the kids, help clean up after dinner. After that we went to the honeymoon suite, where we stayed with the Ziegler's and put the boys to sleep. After that we went down to the spa in the honeymoon suite and sat in the Jacuzzi talking waiting for the guys to come home. It was SO relaxing. 

Our view from the honeymoon suite.

The next day we decided to do a little bit of everything! First we went off to the Snake River to watch all the people come down the river. We even saw some people surfing in the river. Here are some pictures of us at the Snake River.

It was so pretty, and perfect weather! Andrew was with us, but I didn't get any pictures with him.. :( 

After the river we went horse back riding. This was Cj's first time to horse back ride and I wasn't sure how he would do. Luckily he had the best teacher Steve to teach him the ropes of riding a horse. He got on the horse and he did really well. He said that was his favorite part of our Wyoming trip. 

After horse back riding, we went canoeing. I don't know if its a good or bad thing that we didn't get any pictures.. Canoeing was very interesting. This was Cj and I's first time to canoe. Even kept saying that this determined how well our relationship was, you have to communicate with the other person for it to work. Everyone had their eyes on us to see how we would do. First we tried to have Cj in the back, steering the canoe. We flipped down the river, he says he wasn't his fault. I lost my paddle, I got my hair wet and I wasn't expecting the water to be as cold as it was. After our little flip we decided to have me steer the boat in the back. That didn't work either. It was really confusing to figure out which way to tell Cj to paddle when he was in front. If you wanted to go left, he needed to steer right. We literally did 10 360's in the river b/c we couldn't figure it out. I was trying to steer the back of the boat, yelling at Cj which way to steer. We started running into a huge tree branch so I just gave up and Cj took the hit on the branches and I didn't know what to do so I just laid my body back, and just laid there. Cj was yelling at me b/c he didn't know which way to go and I just started cracking up that I almost peed my pants! 
We survived, but it sure was an adventure.

After a long day of doing pretty much everything! Diana was sweet and stayed home making dinner. Cj and Andrew were obviously very ready for dinner.

Wyoming was so much fun! We loved hanging out, doing new things and just relaxing. Thank you Ziegler's for letting us come crash your party for a couple of days, it was a lot of fun!!

Next trip is this Thursday New York City!!! I cannot wait!!

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