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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas time

We are so excited for Christmas here in the Mckinney house. We got everything set up and ready the day after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas time. I'm starting to get antsy though with wanting everyone to open their presents! I was able to take a couple pictures of our house since we've decorated.

We thought it would be fun to put up lights in our kitchen. I love it.

Our tree now is exploding with gifts for family and friends! 

This year Cj helped my dad with the Christmas lights. My dad loves decorating. Cj is terrified of heights, so I thought it would be interesting. He was able to keep his cool, and didn't fall off the roof.

Corbin and Cj hanging out.

Just getting off the roof was the hard part for him. :)

I got my hair colored a couple weeks ago, and it is a lot darker than I had wanted it to be. At the salon I was fine with it. Then I got home and kept looking in the mirror and almost started crying b/c I didn't feel like I was blonde anymore. I know, drama queen. I still am blonde, it just has a lot of dark highlights. Cj of course absolutely loves it. He has always wanted me to go brunette.

Twins, right?! Totally. Hmmm Brad Pitt. Enough said.

My dad had his birthday last Saturday. Next year he'll be the big 50! One more year dad. Yes Cj had to photo bomb this picture. We had a nice dinner at my parents house, and cake and ice cream. All of us (minus Sunny), pitched in to buy my dad a new TV for his birthday and Christmas gift. He loves it.

Monday Cj had his work Christmas party. They usually just have it at the college. It is a big even normally, Nuskin is great to their employee's during Christmas. I got off work early so we would be there on time. We pull up to the parking lot and I ask Cj "Did you grab the tickets?" He looks at me and was like "Umm no, weren't you supposed to?" Yeah we forgot our tickets. So we drove back home and grabbed them. By the time we got to the college, they were getting ready to start the Christmas performance. They usually just hire someone to entertain us for 2 hours. So we walked up and went to give them our tickets and they were like "Oh just come on in." We were so mad! The performance was boring. But everyone who works for Nuskin got a cute little Apple TV. I am in love with it. We have it hooked up in our room and now we're able to watch Netflix and I can stream my pictures on the TV as a screen saver. Also I can listen to my iTunes through the TV. It's a fun little thing, and it was free. 

It's been cold and snowy here the last couple of days, so we have been trying to stay warm.

Last night we had fun babysitting little baby Jonas. He is so sweet, and is mostly always happy. Unless he is hungry or tired. Isn't that how we all are? I also discovered how not baby friendly our house is. He crawls and pulls himself up to everything. I had to put the fragile things up high. It was so funny Cj was playing Xbox and Jonas kept going up to it and trying to push the lit button. The power button. I wasn't stopping him b/c I was tired of him playing that game too. Hehe

We can't wait for Christmas! And my birthday is this Saturday so we are planning a night in SLC. I am very excited to do that. And maybe do some birthday shopping. :)

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