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Monday, April 1, 2013

March Birthdays

There are lots of birthday's in March. My sister Haley had her big 21st birthday this year! She is 21 and expecting her little baby girl the beginning of August. My mom and I were able to drive down to West Jordan for the day (Where she lives). We took her out to lunch and some shopping. When we took her home, Tim had music playing, her presents all in line and a some cake all ready for her. It was really sweet.

Then Cj turned the big 25 on the 25th of March. So crazy he's 25! It sounds so old, but I'm following him slowly in age. We went to Salt Lake for some hotel fun. We were able to go out and eat some good food. I tried to take him shopping, but he's so picky with everything!

My food was so good! We went to a place called "The Green Pig". So yummy! 

We went shopping downtown, it was freezing!!

We had a lot of fun. Even though all he wanted to do was watch sports! At least I was able to get a nap in. ;)

I'm so happy to have Cj in my life, especially as my husband. I just don't like getting old!!

 I had to work on Cj's actual birthday, but I decorated the house for when he got home from work. 

Cj opening his gifts. He got a lot of running stuff, and socks and underwear. That's what you get when you get older right?

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