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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Char Cali Trip 2013

I was able to take a little trip to San Francisco, CA for 10 days. The doctor I work with had his 10 year wedding anniversary. He took some time off for that time, and I decided it would be a great time for me to go to SF. Cj just recently started full time at Nuskin. He was unable to take any time off at this time, so I had my own little vacation. 

My yummy burrito I got for lunch!

I totally missed Cj on my day on Haight and Ashbury. But it was nice to shop without him. Haha. I was able to go to the park next to Jen's house and read and just chill for an afternoon. It was so nice to not be rushed! 

I went wedding dress shopping with Jen. She actually found her wedding dress the first dress she put on! I'm not posting any pictures.. But she looks gorgeous, and she asked me to be a bridesmaid!

This was at a German bar that Jen and Dan took me to. Too bad I don't eat sausage! But it was a cool place to hang out. 

Jen and I were able to chat on the roof while Dan made us an amazing breakfast! Umm an egg in an avocado for breakfast? Absolutely amazing!!

My first time driving in the city! It was a lot less stressful when  you have Jen and Dan around.

We went to one of Dan's show's while in SF. It's always fun to go to a piano fight show. My face is sad b/c of the middle finger. You would need to go to a piano fight show to understand it. So fun!

Then we were off to Karinne and Mikes! Just did it pool side. Ain't nothing better while your on vacation!

Caleb and I. I might be a little in love with Caleb.

How could you not love him after he gives you a rose?!?

Karinne and I

Caleb and I


The crew playing some pool ball.

Karinne and I

My aunt Sue and I!

Jen and little Caleb

Group shot!

Andrew being silly while I helped Karinne pack for their 2 week Hawaii trip.

The boys in the laundry basket.

After we went for the boys' well child checks I took Andrew to Jamba juice for a special drink. Karinne also dropped Andrew and I off at Target in California and we did some shopping. I bought several dresses, that when I wear them I call them my "Andrew dresses" b/c he totally helped me pick them out. He was a great little shopping buddy. Except after shopping for clothes, he would not forget to take him to the toys. I thought for sure he would forget, but he didn't.

Trying to distract Caleb to stay still on the baby scale. Oh my goodness! It was so weird to be on the other side at the doctor's office. I'm so used to being the nurse with doing all the measurements and everything. It was a big eye opener for me being on the other end. Karinne even made me hold Caleb while he got two shots! How mean! I couldn't handle it. I was freaking out. :( It broke my heart.

Poor Caleb after his shots.

I was able to go to Yuba City and visit my grandma and stay with Jena for a couple days.

Jena and I at Chili's

Jen showed me around her work, and I fell in love with this life size phone. That actually worked!

Laughing on the rooftop.

I love my Jen

Can you say the cutest couple ever?!? Seriously, I am so excited for them to get married in April. I love them both with all my heart!

Love them at Gitane restaurant.

Drinks for my last night in SF.

I had an amazing time on vacation. But everything reminded me of Cj, or I wished I had someone to share all my experiences with. I was sad to leave SF, but happy to come home to Cj.
He obliviously was happy I was home.

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