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Sunday, July 7, 2013

End of June Beginning of July!

Wow, a lot has been going on the last couple of weeks! We had a baby shower for Haley. The Ziegler's came for a surprise visit. We have pretty much been living at the Clayton's due to all the parties that we recently just had. Melissa was kind enough to let us throw Haley's shower at her house. They had a fourth of July party, and Eli got baptized yesterday! Here are some photo's from the last couple weeks!

Cj and Jonas on the swing.

When I woke up one morning, this was the first the I saw. Olive's little booty. Haha 

Here is Jonas and Caleb interacting together. It was so funny to see them play with each other. Jonas is about 14 months old, and Caleb is 18 months old.  

We were trying to take a photo of Andrew and I together. He was being so silly. I also had to bribe him with an otter pop to take pictures with me.

Went to Deer Creek with Ziegler's last Sunday.

On Wednesday I took Eli, Sam and Cora to Seven Peaks for a couple hours. We had a lot of fun!

Olive does NOT like fireworks. She hid in my drawer the whole night.

Cora and I at the Provo Fourth of July parade. 

Sunny has a baby chick who gets picked on by all the other chickens. We have to keep her in a separate cage so the chickens don't have a pecking order with her. She's so sweet. We had her in the front yard while we were lighting sparklers. Cj is in love with her!

You can't really tell in this photo but I had this huge X on my back from my swimsuit.

Got some chicken taco's that were tasty, but pretty pricey. 

Before the weekend ended Cj and I had to go up to Salt Lake City to Trader Joe's. Then we went to City Creek mall and did some shopping. I hope everyone had a safe Fourth! 

P.S. I'm sorry I didn't get any photo's of Haley's shower. They are all on Karinne's camera and she is currently camping and unable to get to a computer.

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