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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer is Coming to an End.

Besides being busy with having new little niece. Cj and I have still been doing our thing. Going to RSL games, went to the Spanish Fork fair, hiking and biking. We went up to Deer Creek one Sunday and hung out at the little sandy beach. Trying to soak up summer before it's over. 
We will be heading out of our yearly road trip to California in a couple weeks. We can't wait to see all of our family! We definitely are in need of a little get away from Utah. We leave September 6th and we are counting down the days. Literally- I made a little chain countdown!

I fell in love with this sweet little bunny at the fair. I want a bunny!

 Deer Creek

I took Olive to a park one day to sit and read. This was her face the whole time. I guess she wasn't amused. She is so hard to please.

We love going to the farmer's market in Provo. They have some neat stuff. 

 Sunset bike rides

Cj balling with his friends.

Have I told you I ran a 5k?! My first race ever. Melissa and I ran from the Provo temple to the new Provo temple. The whole time she pushed me. I would start slowing down and she would be like "Don't slow down! You can do it!" She totally motivated me. I probably wouldn't have ran it unless I was with her. It was a lot of fun!

This is me bright and early ready to run! Haha

Before the race. Sam and Eli were on their scooters with us. Yeah, they totally beat us to the finish line.

After the race! We did it. I love Mel!

My mom and dad surprised me with being at the finish line! As I was running to the finish line I heard someone scream my name. I looked over and it was my mom cheering me on. What great parents I have.

Cj and Miss. Snooty.

We live in a beautiful place.

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