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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alena Marie Greer

Haley had baby girl on July 19th 2013! She was born at 4 pounds 8 ounces, 18 inches long. She was very tiny for her age, but she is completely healthy! Haley did great during delivery. It only took her 2 1/2 pushes and she was out. She was born at the Sandy hospital. Of course I had to work that day. Right when I got off work, Cj and I drove up to Sandy as soon as we could. We kept getting texts that Haley was dilating. We ran up to labor and delivery floor.  Right when we got off the elevator I saw my mom at the vending machine. I stepped off the elevator, and I looked down the hall and Tim opened the door and started waving us down to see the baby. So I darted down the hallway! I wanted to be the first one to see her. I ran in there and Haley was holding her, and she was so small and I couldn't believe that she just had a baby. So crazy! 

We have so much love for Alena, Laney, or I call her Lulu. She is perfect in every way. 

After she was born.

The day she got home.

Look at her hold Cj's finger. How does that not melt you heart?!? 

I love when they get milk faces!

Grandpa holding Alena.

Her first shopping trip to Target. She was a great little shopper!

The newborn clothes I bought her completely drowned her :( She's so tiny. But she is gaining weight.

I drove up one Saturday to Ogden to visit Lulu in her new home. She lives 83 miles away from me. It makes me so sad! 

I had to give her a bath while I was visiting.

Auntie Sunny holding baby Laney.

 Laney spent the night at our house one night with Haley and Tim. She had a little blow out, so I washed her onesie. they left it, so I had to take a picture of how small it was next to Olive. She was in preemie clothes.

I picked up Haley and Laney on Friday morning so they could spend some time with us in Provo. Yeah, she was perfect. Cj and I went to Target and took her all by ourselves. Like she was our little baby. She slept the whole time! We were lucky.

She loves to eat from her bottle.

Uncle Cj and Lulu.

Sorry for the picture overload. We have been busy loving on our new little family member. Haley and Tim are doing great! Not on much sleep, but they are adjusting and being great parents. I'm so proud of Haley with her pregnancy, delivery and now taking care of a little baby. She is a good mom. 

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