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Monday, March 28, 2011

Party like a rockstar.

This weekend there were many birthday's and a couple parties. Cj's birthday was on Friday, we just went over to his parents had cake and pizza and then I took him shopping. Then later that night we went to our friend Victor's show. Nothing too exciting.

Saturday was Sam's jungle party. Melissa was kind enough to invite me over, it was super cute! I took Olive, which was probably not a good idea with a bunch of screaming 4 year old children every where she turned. She growled and barked at the kids, so then she went in the garage.

Melissa read a book and they all had animal masks on. It was really cute.

Here's cute little Eli.

The jungle animal cupcakes. They turned out really cute.

Can't forget Cora..

Saturday night we had lots of friends over, food, and soda pop. We celebrated Cj's birthday and Ed's birthday. They had two TV out in our living room and watched to Jazz game on the one TV and RSL socccer game on the other. Oh boys.

The weather lately has been weird. Today it snowed, but the snow didn't stick, and now it's sunny. I just want it to be summer already!

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