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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hmm Lilac's.

Last night I thought I would be well enough to see Super 8. It was a really good movie, just long. I'm regretting it today. I'm able to get up and do things on my own, still just really really sore. I feel best when I'm just laying on my back. When I'm sitting up for too long I start cramping inside. I haven't really noticed a difference pain wise with me getting my gallbladder out. But I hope in the long run it'll be worth it.

Cj went to a show in SLC tonight and I knew that would totally be pushing it so I decided to just stay home. I went over to my mom's and got Sunny. We ran to the Orem mall and I got some new Bed Bath and Body Works candles. They smell SOOOO good. I got a lilac one smells just like summer. Also it was 50% double score!

Sunny picked out this ring, she loves owls.

Then I got myself a ring for being such a good patient :)

We got home from the mall and Olive and Sammy come running outside. Sammy jumps right in my car ready to go somewhere! He's so funny.

Olive is so photogenic, she's such a cute little fur ball.

Yes, she's still in heat. It seriously feels like it's been forever. She's been such a little hoe lately. Miyagi keeps scratching at our door for her to come out. I let her out today with him and she just sticks her butt up in the air for him to do what he wants with her! She's such a brat. I let him just sniff her and she runs around him. Then they dart down the street! I was yelling for Olive, and did she listen? Of course not. So I had to get Cj to chase after her. She's really naughty when she's around Miyagi like not listening to me. 

Monday I go back to work, after being off for 10 days. I'm happy to go back to work, but I'm hope my body will be ready for me to go back to work. I'm so happy the weather has been nice. I just need to recover so I can go to seven peaks with my seven peaks pass! I'm so excited for summer! <3

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