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Friday, June 24, 2011

Ohh LaLa.

Lately I haven't been doing much. Just working a lot. Usually on my day's off I wake up and go to my mom's and lay out. I don't lay out at home b/c there is no where for me to lay out in my swim suit. 

On Wednesday Olive and I went to my mom's and the chicken's we out. All 7 of them. They would not leave me alone! They all just hung out next to me and one pecked my toe.

Later Wednesday I went and watched the kids +2. Olive was being very antsy the whole time I don't know why. I was sitting on the floor in the kids room, and Olive decided to chill in the dresser. She's strange.

My incisions are healing great. They're not as big as I thought they would be, thankfully! I haven't noticed me feeling a ton better, but some of my symptoms have decreased. I know in the long run getting the surgery is worth it. The only thing that sucks is I still have a bruise from where my I.V was placed. It's in a spot everyone can see. I have at least 5 people ask me at work what happened to my arm. One asked me if I was abused? Then another mom was like "You better tell your husband to stop beating you." Really people? Obviously they don't know Cj.

2 weeks ago.


I found out about these really cool nail polish strips. They have like 20 different designs to choose from and you simply just peel, place on your nail, and trim away the extra nail polish. It says it lasts up to 10 days, it better!

Olive sleeps and lays around a lot now that it's so hot! She's a lazy girl. It's so darn hot in our house! :(

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