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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm sexy and I know it..

Olive and I bored while the boys watch the jazz game. She LOVES to lay on the jazz blanket on the couch.

Cj during that jazz game, so far it's a tie.  

I went and visited the Clayton's while they were up in SLC, Cj was at a jazz game ;) We went swimming and played uno, we had a lot of fun : ) love those kids.

I had to drive my car about 40 miles to see if the check engine light would stay off, it didn't. Anways I drove up in the canyon's. It was a nice drive, even though my check engine light came on after they reset it. Looks like we get to get my car looked at, again. Sigh.  

Krystal's little guy Krew. He's so cute. Makes me wonder what our kids will look like! We had a lot of fun at Guru's eating and hanging out. Babies are so sweet! I want one, but I don't at the same time haha. I need to go back to school before we think about having kids. It's hard to go back to school though, but I need to do it!

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