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Friday, January 6, 2012

Life lately..

New Year's Eve/ New years wasn't' too exciting this year. Cj and I stayed at home watched True Grit and played scrabble. Haha I guess not much was going on? Life changes when your married. It was nice to just be with him.

Olive was being super annoying. We had a lot of snacks in the living room on the table while we were playing scrabble and she sometimes things she's human and wanted a bite of everything.

I went back to work on Tuesday, it was crazy. Our first day back from being gone for a whole week and then we worked after hours. I love my job SO much! I am so thankful for my job. The kids are hilarious, I am happy to go to work everyday. Tuesday was so a long day, but the kids made it totally worth it! I love working with kids, even though sometimes they can be brats. I have just a couple stories:

One little chubby Mexican kid had an angry birds beanie on (it reminded me of May). I was like, "Did you get that hat for Christmas?" and he was like "Yeah, but I'm bored here." and I was like "Why are you bored here?" and he was like "It's really boring to be at the doctor's at night."
Then I had this one little girl come in that had a fever of 105! I had her take some Ibuprofen in office to help with the fever. While the parents tried to give it to her I could hear her gagging in the room. I went in to go check on her and make sure she would drink all the medicine. I was trying to calm her down to take the medication, and my mom comes in the room.. She asks "Hey aren't you guys in my ward?" and I can just hear the little girls tummy grumble and all of a sudden she starts vomiting. So my immediate reaction was to just put my hands up to her to catch it. I know it sounds gross but I didn't know what else to do. She was the cutest little girl. She threw up and her fever started going down so she started feeling better. They were at our office for at least an hour. I went in the room to re-check her temperature and when I was leaving she was like "Buh-bye, go home?" it was so cute! I felt so bad for her. Poor thing.
I am so happy to work after hours to help the kids who need help. Yesterday at work I had a little 4 year old boy who was cracking me up! I had to check his blood pressure and after I checked it he looked at me and he was like "Thank you for scratching the blood out of my arm." and I was like "Your welcome?" laughing, I didn't know what else to say. Then I took him into a room and he went and laid on the table and he was like "Ok doctor i'm ready for you to operate on my belly" He was ready for the doctor to listen to his abdomen with the stethoscope, I thought that was so funny. Kids crack me up.

This is Olive this morning when I woke up getting ready for the day. Very comfortable and sleepy in the bed and clean clothes.

My car needs it's safety and admissions done. It has been VERY stressful for me. All my car had been is problem's for me. I got rejected for safety and admissions yesterday. They're telling me it's the coil pack? Who knows what that means.. Right? Anyway, they're telling me its going to be about $500 to fix. Ouch. We don't need this right now. Ugh.

Growing up sucks sometimes.

It was nice going out to a birthday lunch with  my good friend Krystal, and to hold her little boy Krew. I LOVE holding babies. I can be baby hungry a lot. The hubby says we are waiting 7 years. 7 years?? Seriously? No way I can wait that long. I say 3 years. Anyways, it's nice to hold someones baby for a little to get it out of my system. I love babies!

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  1. When you guys do decide to have a baby you will be one AWESOME mama!! You are already acting like one with your story of putting out your hands to catch the puke. Only a mom would do that! I would have never dreamed of catching puke before being a mom but now I don't think twice about it. You just do, but obviously you would prefer them to puke in a bowl or toilet or something. You are a very kind, thoughtful person and will have amazing children! C.J. will make a great daddy too. I can't wait! :)