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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yuba City 2006

I found this CD of pictures from 2006! It's refreshing to see these and see how much I was with my cousins and how much fun we had. I miss them dearly! 

I don't look very happy in this picture. This was the summer of 2006 I was in Yuba City California for a couple months visiting me cousin Jena. I had a flare up this summer, obviously that's why i'm so skinny. I miss being skinny a lot, but I'm thankful I haven't had a bad flare in over 5 years!

We had a lot of fun driving around with the windows down listening to our music, really loud. <3

We LOVE taking pictures together, obviously :))

 We did a lot of shopping, and Jena gave me a lot of her new clothes I had to sit on my suitcase to fasten it up!!
 Miss my JB.

We went to this good will one day and I found this dress and fell in love with it! I wish I would've bought it. Haha good thing we took lots of pictures of it.


Alie and May May at the mall.

Sammy and little girl chilling on the couch. Miss you Sammy!

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