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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring time

My last 2 weeks in pictures...

 My dad made his amazing chicken curry for the office 2 weeks ago when we worked after hours. After we worked 5 days in a row, we were off for a whole week!
Sweet baby JoJo, he is a sweet baby.
 Cora was pretending to be baby Jonas and hang out in his little baby sling. Haha

Cj holding Jonas. He's finally starting to warm up to holding babies. About time!
 While I was off we decided to pull out the hid-a-bed for the weekend. I thought it was fun sleeping in the living room in the hide-a-bed. I was telling Cj it was like we were having a sleepover. Even though we have a sleepover everynight.. Being in a hide-a-bed is different.
 I love my lucky hedgehog necklace from Jen!
 Olive looks terrified in this picture. She's my baby girl.
 Cj taking pictures of himself while i'm thinking he's taking a picture of Sunny and I! Dork.
 Me and my May May.
Cj watching the news with Rocky, while my mom cooks dinner in the back.
My parents cat Violet had kittens. She had 4, but only 3 lived. They are super cute. After they had turned 2 weeks I let Olive meet them. She hopped right into their bed and started licking them, cuddling them and acting like a mom. I really think that she thought she was their mom for a little bit. She is so weird. If any one wants a kitten let me know.

I was off of work for a week and now i'm back. I didn't do much while we were on our break. I did deep clean the house, and shampoo the carpets. It always feels good to shampoo your carpets. The weather has been so great lately! I love the warm weather. 
On Friday I went over to UVU to talk to a counselor about getting back into school. This one counselor helped me get started with a couple things and I have a scheduled appointment with the nursing program counselor on Wednesday. I am ready to go back and get my RN.
This weekend was SO great. On Thursday Cj took me out to dinner, we went to India Palace. It's not as good as Bombay house, but it was still really good. Then on Friday we went to the movies. We saw "The Cabin in The woods". I didn't like it, but Cj said it was ok. Then yesterday our friends invited us to have a BBQ at their house and watch the jazz game. We had a fun weekend.

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