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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things I love lately.

Things that I love lately.

Our new little china hutch drawer set. My dad flew up to Arizona last week, got my grandpa's truck for Corbin, and drove it back to Utah. My grandma filled the truck with some of her things that she's giving to her grand kids. She also gave us the mirror, and the glass jigger. Which is awesome! This has a top part to it, but I decided it was too much, so I currently have the hutch part in my make up room. Yes, I have a make up room! :) She packed a bunch of her china, pictures, and silverware too. Thanks grandma!

The jigger! I think it's so fun. It's something you would see on Pawn Stars. Haha

This Miracle leave-in it's a 10, is really a 10! I can not go one day without using this stuff. It makes my hair gain it's keratin back in the strands, makes my hair feel soft, and it smells so good! I highly recommend getting some of this stuff if you feel like your hair needs some help.

I recently got this new product "Hello Flawless!" from Benefit cosmetics. I was using MAC for my powder foundation, but Nordstrom's is no longer in Orem. So i decided to try something new and I really like it. It covers up your flaws, feels super light, and it has SPF 15.

I can't forget Olive. Even though sometimes she drives me crazy! She really is my best friend, next to Cj of course. I always have her with me. I talk to her like she's a human. Which might not be a good thing b/c I think that she might think she's human. What I love about Olive is she doesn't talk back to me. Hehe

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