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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ziegler's road trip

The Ziegler's are road tripping this summer and came to stop by Provo, Utah! We enjoyed having them come and stay for a couple days. I am in love with Andrew and Caleb. If you met these two boys, you would be too. Andrew is such a good two year old (most of the time ;) ) and Caleb is the happiest baby you will ever meet! We were able to do some fun stuff while they were here visiting.

 Here's Karinne and Caleb at Provo tubes. The boys love water and swimming. Andrew even went down the big slides, with Mike of course. He loved the slides! When we were getting ready to leave he kept pointing at the slides and signing more, and started crying. :(

Told you, happiest baby! He is always smiling. He might of cried twice when he was hungry.

Caleb and I decided to take a Sunday nap together.

Caleb is one baby Cj will actually hold, without me asking him. This pictures cracks me up! Cj was flexing his muscles but it looks like he's about ready to sock Caleb right in the face. Also, Jesus just chilling in the back. Haha

I love when babies sleep, they always look so peaceful. 

Karinne and Mike actually went to the tubes twice while they were here. I had to work so they came to visit me at lunch and we had a little picnic outside. It was fun even Cj and Corbin were able to join us. After lunch they went back to the tubes. Karinne has on camera Andrew going down the slide and going around a sharp corner and his head smacking up against the slide. He woke up from his nap not very happy.

Karinne and Mike also love Bombay house. One night Karinne put the boys to sleep and Karinne, Mike, Cj and I snuck off to Bombay house for some dinner. We had a few fun days with them. We're holding on to their boat for a little while they continue on their road trip.So they'll be back in a couple weeks.

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