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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New York part III

I am a little behind on my New York trip. This was our last two days in New York. We took a train to Huntington. The whole reason why we took a family trip to New York was b/c Celia, Cj's mom had a family reunion. 

The train ride was about an hour. On our way there, there was a teacup Yorkie right in front of us. I was squealing and wanting to hold it, but Cj said I couldn't. It was just chilling in this little purse, so cute!
Huntington was beautiful! Cj's aunt and uncle picked us up from the train station. There house was amazing and tree's all around. Cj had never seen anything so green, or experienced anything so humid. It was SO hot!

 I hung out on the tramp trying to cool off. Probably not the best place to cool off at.
They had a lot of yummy food, and all sorts of drinks.

Couldn't find the guys anywhere, finally found them out front shooting some hoops. Shocker right?

The best thing was we got to see fireflies! I was super excited. I heard a kid say "The fireflies are out!" and I went running with all the kids to go see where they were at. Love them!

Next day and our last real day in New York. We went to Central Park. Cj and Jamie went running through the park, and Cj got lost..

My husband is a cool cat.

Me and Celia.

Where John Lennon was shot :(

Last night we went to Grand Central Station. I thought it was ok. I got some New York Cheesecake, that's all I cared about.

 That's as close as I got to the Empire State building. Wah.

Plane ride home.

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