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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last stop.

Our last stop for our vacation was Shingle Springs. It's always fun to finish up our trip relaxing at Karinne and Mike's. Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures. We had a BBQ and had everyone come down to Karinne's from Yuba City so we could see them. It was great to see Chris, Charlie and even my grandma Virginia came. We had a ton of fun laying by the pool, playing water basketball and playing with the two boys. 

Here is little Caleb eating some avocado. We were skyping with aunt Jen b/c her and Dan weren't able to make it. This was Caleb's face when he saw Jen and Dan on the computer haha so cute!

Swimming time. Cj obviously was freezing, and looks slightly special. I swear he's normal. For the most part. ;)

We had a great time with the family. We even took Andrew down the hill and fed the goats and chickens. It is his FAVORITE to throw rotten tomatoes at the animals. He has a great aim. We are already planning our next California trip next August for our 3 year anniversary! :)

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