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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My teddy gram is growing hair.

Last night we worked after hours. My good friend Krystal was working with me and my mom had bought me this bag of teddy grams. I hadn't opened the bag yet so Krystal asked me if she could open them to have some. She pulled the first cookie out and she was like "Eww! My teddy is growing hair!" and at first I was thinking like hairy mold.. And she showed it to me and it had this thick hair/whisker coming out of it's cheek. It was baked in! So freaking nasty. I was laughing but then I would look at it and it made me feel sick.

We taped it on the bag and put a posted note saying "What's wrong with this teddy bear?" and put it on Dr. Matt's desk. So i'm cleaning up the rooms and I go back there and the cookie is missing. I look at him and I was like "Did you eat that teddy gram that was taped on the bag?" and he was like "yeah, why?" And I just started cracking up, and covering my mouth, b/c it made me feel sick knowing he ate that. He ate the hairy cookie. I don't know why but if I find hair in my food I will not eat the food. I think it's so gross. Even when I see hair on the kitchen table or anything, it also grosses me out. Hair is just gross when it's not on your body.

We are still apartment searching, no bueno. We're thinking maybe what we have now isn't too bad after looking at some places :/ 

Sweet little Cora sitting on my lap.

The kids got some balloons at Macey's and they came to stop by work and Cora was so funny she had to have all the balloons! Isn't her pikachu hair adorable?

I had mentioned Cj playing soccer and the boys begged if they could go. So I took them and they played on the playground and later watched Cj. They were so cute when Cj would get the ball they would get so excited, and say "Go Cj!" It was fun taking them with me. And Cj made a goal! 

Sam and Eli.

Monday I really wanted to go to Forever 21 to get some jewelery, but Cj and I are trying to save money b/c we are planning a San Fransisco trip the end of July. He said it would be fine for me to do that so I ran to the mall and of course I see other things I wanted. Like some new perfume! Viva La Juicy had this package deal with perfume, body wash and body lotion and I really wanted it. Cj got a credit card to build his credit. I got a credit card also, but it's in his name. So I thought if I really wanted it, and he wants to build credit maybe I should get it. But being the good wife that I try to be, I called him to ask him first, he said no :( Credit cards are for emergencies only. But sometimes getting perfume can be an emergency right?!?? Anyway's I didn't get it, I need to just think of all the shopping I can do in SF ;)

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