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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh Heyyyyy.

Tuesday was my baby sister's birthday. She's the big 15! For her birthday Cj and I got her a penguin pillow pet, and candy. Duh what else would a 15 year old want? Whenever it's your birthday you get to pick what you want for dinner and my dad will make you ANYTHING. She wanted chicken curry, so yummy! Then we finished it off with my dad's homemade ice cream pie cakes. My dad is awesome.
Olive has a new best friend, her name is Violet. My sister Haley has a kitten, and at first we didn't let Olive see her or sniff her, b/c we worried that she would try to kill her. But one day Violet was out and Olive just ran over to her and Violet kinda swatted at her to let her know who's boss. Then they just started chasing each other around the house. It's so funny to watch them play.

Thursday was a very busy day at work. We had two head lacerations. One little boy fell and hit his head last night from falling off the slide. He needed two stitches. Then we had a little girl fall at the park and hit her head on a rock? What a conquincidence. She just needed her head glued. They both were pretty brave.

Didn't a lot this weekend. I worked Saturday, Cj had a soccer game. The weather was beautiful yesterday! sadly my legs got sunburned while I was watching Cj play soccer. They hurt so bad last night.

Cj and I went a saw Source Code. It was an alright movie, I got really bored towards the end. Lately I've been getting really bored of movies, and things.

Trying to look for a new place to live, it is impossible to find a nice, big place that allows pets. It's so ridiculous. So far Cj and I have looked at 3 places that allowed pets and didn't like them. Tomorrow we look at 3 more places, lets hope we get a good feeling about one of them!

I have to update some pictures of my niece Molly moo!

Isn't she the cutest baby girl ever? Well I think she is :)

Here's a picture of Cora and I, it's not very good but she's such a sweet girl!

Sleepy Olive.

She's so funny she loves sitting on top of the dirty laundry. Weirdo. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! <3 Happy Mother's Day Mom I love you.

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