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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The beginning of July.

We had lots of fun this July. Lots of photo's, warning.

Me and Olive chilling outside. 

Early morning at work with the air balloons. 

Corbin on the slip n' slide! So fun. 

Sunny went with friends swimming and obviously didn't wear any sunscreen. She payed for it later. 

Mom and Dad playing bad-mitten.  

Sister Haley 

Haley and her boyfriend 

I stayed away from the fireworks and stuck with sparklers :) 

Cj's so fun to take pictures with. He always likes to look so cute. Wink wink. 

Olive was terrified of the fireworks. We couldn't find her, we were calling for her and we thought she ran away. Then I found her next to Sunny underneath the computer desk.

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