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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Monday we had a little family get together BBQ at doctors pool for Pioneer day. We went swimming and had some good food cooked by my dad and Mel made a great salad. I was still a little sad about Sammy, so I was happy the BBQ wasn't at my parents. It still seems weird to not see that little guy walking around the house, it just seems different with out him. 

I brought Olive with us I thought it would be fun for her to come. It was her first time swimming in a pool. You should check it out, I had to kind of save her life haha

She was SO mad at me afterwards :( Poor little baby.

She looks like a completely different dog when she's wet.

Cora <3's the water!

Here's Corbin showing off on the diving board. He's pretty good with his flips, the boys thought he was so cool!

We leave for California on Friday! Cj and I are very excited to finally have a vacation and celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!

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