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Monday, July 25, 2011

Time flies...

Last week was pretty hectic. I worked every single day. It was so hard! I feel bad for the people who work full time, it's a lot of work. But I survived. The week before we worked I went to Lagoon with Matt, Melissa and the kids. I had so much fun! It was just what I needed.

I didn't take very many pictures at lagoon but we had a lot of fun. 

One day after work Cj and I went up to Nun's park up in the mountain's. It's so pretty up there. We brought a blanket, in and out, and Olive. It was interesting with Olive, she was scared of the water haha She's just a really hard dog to take anywhere b/c you never know how she'll act.

Friday we went fishing and Cj caught a trout. He was terrified b/c we didn't have our friend Aldric with us who knows all about fishing. Cj couldn't get the hook out of the fish. I felt so bad for the little guy he was just bleeding all over and Cj was digging around for the hook :( Finally Cj put him out of his misery. We took him home he gutted him, cooked him, and ate him. he was very proud.

My good friend Makel showed me this yogurt place called yogurtland. I am addicted. That place is amazing. They have about 12 different yogurts you can choose from and like over 25 different toppings. At the end you just weigh it and pay. I believe it's like 33 cents an ounce,which isn't too bad if your smart with how much you get. Anyways I've taken Sunny there like 3 times. They now have hello kitty there, so fun!

This weekend has been hard, if you read below we lost our pet dog Sammy. I was doing pretty good last night until I said goodbye to him and saw him and it made me upset again. I miss that little wiener dog so much already! I love you Sammy.

Sammy and Benjamin from France!

Sammy laying outside with me just a couple weeks ago :(

You lived a good life Sammy, thanks for being such a great dog to our family.


  1. I love yogurtland! So good! I'm so sorry about sammy, that is too sad! When I lost my childhood dog it was so hard, it sometimes still is:( But she was a great dog and lived a great life. I bet that Olive misses her friend.

  2. Yogurtland is amazing! Yeah I miss Sammy a lot but I know he had a good life with our family, just hard when it's their time to go. You had your dog forever so I bet it was so hard! Yes, Olive has been really depressed whenever we go to my mom's. She just runs around the house looking for Sammy and can't find him :(