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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yep, Cj and I are cheaters. We decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving, oops. We were just way too excited to wait to decorate for Christmas. I had a long 5 days off so I was getting antsy too. I finally found my camera cord, and took some real pictures on my camera, instead of my phone. I wanted to share my decorations with you.

First off, the tree.

Our stockings above our fireplace. 

My lil' nativity.  

This is just a little area right across the bathroom that holds all the towels. 

Paul Frank stocking of course hanging on the guest room door. 

This is on top of the TV. We have Cj's grandma's TV that is huge, and ancient. But, at least I can put lots of decorations on top, right?? 

Can't forget Olive. 

She's so wise, and has been driving me nuts while I haven't been working. Stinker.

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