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Monday, December 12, 2011

iphone's and kindles!

Taking Olive on walks with her ugly sweater. 

Cj's work had his Christmas party last Tuesday and they gave everyone a fire kindle. That's right, a fire kindle! I am in love with it! I was probably more excited about it then Cj was. It's so adorable.

Olive begging for food at my parents. Stink-o.

Friday I was able to visit my favorite little baby boy Krew! I have to get my baby fix somewhere right? I'm so thankful to have friends like my good friend Krystal. She's an awesome lady. And makes beautiful babies.

On Wednesday I got my early Christmas present from Cj in the mail! It's the new iphone 4s and I am in love with it! The forward facing camera is so cool! We have been doing a lot of photobooth lately!

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