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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween was boring this year. I worked, didn't dress up, and drove Sunny and her friends around trick-or-treating. I was excited to dress Olive up. I wanted her to be a red lobster. But when I went to Big Lots and couldn't find it anywhere. But while I was there I found this penguin costume! Of course they had big huge ones, but I just thought Olive could wear it and it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I put it on her and it drowned her. I was so sad. So was she!

So she got to be a gingerbread.

And Violet got to be a Chiva's fan. She's such a stinker she kept taking it off!

Dr. Matt was a hippie. He had an awesome costume, I kept forgetting he was a doctor. I couldn't take him seriously.

The other nurse who works with me, Marie got us this blood candy, so I wore it around my neck and that was pretty much my costume. I feel kind of bad now thinking about dressing up.I work in pediatrics and kids would've loved if I dressed up. Maybe next year?

While my dad's been gone Cj has been taking care of the chickens, and the rooster. I think he's grown attached to them. The rooster got out and ran away on Tuesday. Everyone was worried he was gone for good, but my dad was like "Oh he'll be back." And of course he came back crowing his head off. 

Some people and friends that I miss lately!

My niece Molly moo!

Sammy! I miss him soooo much!!

My good friend Nasiema!

Baby Andrew, who is going to be a big brother next month!!

My sister Haley.

My cousin Jena.

And my papa. I have been missing him A LOT lately. He was such a good guy. Miss you Papa.

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