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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's go Jazz??

Tuesday was my last day of work for a whole week! I got home and Cj had all of his friends over for the Jazz game :( I am completely ignored while he watches the game. I call him multiple times and he completely ignores me. Luckily I had to finish Haley's book wreath that I'm trying to finish for her for her Christmas present. Anyways I tried to do my own thing while the boys watched basketball. Olive wanted me to give her some leftover pizza from the boys.

Yesterday Cj picked up shifts all day and night so I went over to the Clayton's and watched the kids. I brought over the kindle fire, it kept the kids busy.

They thought it would be fun to go down the stairs with their sleeping bag. This video cracks me up b/c Olive didn't know what to think about them doing it. Watch it here!

Cora doesn't like when I put the camera forward faced. She gets really upset when she sees herself. I love Olive in the background.  

She's such a cutie pie!

For Christmas my mom got Cj and I a down comforter. It's SO nice! We slept with it last night, it's so comfy! I think Olive loves it too. I took some pictures of her this morning while she was cuddling with me.

Now I just need to get a cute duvet cover for it! I'm trying to convince Cj to go to Ikea with me tomorrow!

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