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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nicaragua toads :))

Finally the weather here in Utah has been flip flop weather! We'll see how long that lasts for.
Olive get a new friend on Thursday. My parents got a new puppy. Our neighbor dog Lilly had puppies, and they were just giving them away for free. I let my parents know and they came and looked at them on Thursday. They took the runt home that night.

 His name is Rocky, he's the new addition to our family! He is so sweet. He is a jack Russell terrier mix/ bulldog. Trust me, he is loved at the Standefer house.
Cora loved him too. She kept calling him baby. We were trying to prepare her for being a new big sister soon with a little puppy. Haha

Corbin had Mr. PHS on Saturday. We were there to support him. For his talent he did a little karate show. Then he was in a tux and walked down with Blake. He didn't get Mr. PHS but he did really good!
It's cj's birthday and last night we went to the dirty bird to eat and watch the Real Salt Lake game!

Happy birthday hubby! You're the big 24!!!!
 Cj and puppy boy Rocky!
 Sleepy Rocky!
 Me and my cute dress for Cj's birthday :)
 Skyped with Jen and Dan tonight. They surprised us being on skype pretended they were 2 toads from Nicaragua. P.S. The one with the robe is supposed to be Dan. 
I love these two people so much. I'm ready to go visit San Francisco again!! ASAP.

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