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Saturday, March 10, 2012

3-10-12 Haley got married

Today my sister Haley got married. Today has been super hectic. Even though she didn't have a real wedding or reception, it was still stressful! I'm so thankful for my family on my wedding day. They helped us out so much! And helped me not be a bridezilla.
 Haley now currently lives in Ogden, with Tim. Who is her husband now, weird! So we drove up there in two different cars. In one car it was Cj, Blake (Corbin's girlfriend), Corbin and I. In the other car was my dad, mom, and May. We met up at Haley and Tim's place. She wore my wedding dress and she wanted to try it on before the ceremony to make sure it fit. It fit. She wanted to wear it to Olive Garden, which is where we ate. I told her no, I didn't want her getting stuff on it, and that would be weird if she wore a wedding dress to Olive Garden, right? So she changed and we all went to Olive Garden. It was SO yummy! His parents and two sister drove down from Maryland to come to the ceremony. 

Haley before Olive Garden. She surprised Tim being in a wedding dress.

Corbin and Blake.

Cj and I.

Haley and Tim.

May, being May?

After our yummy dinner at Olive Garden. We went back to Haley and Tim's, to put the wedding dress back on. Then At 6:02pm Haley was a little late.. We ran over to the church for her to be married to Tim.

Family photo! Love this! <3

Cj being sexy. ;)

Cj and I!

Corbin and I.

Dad and I, take one! 

Dad and I, take two!

Corbin and Blake. 

Hehe this is Haley's new ferret, his name is Garrett, and he is crazy. But isn't he cute?
Haley's ceremony was short and sweet. They both seem really happy.

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