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Sunday, March 4, 2012

dude, i'm way taller then you.

A couple of times when there has been a jazz game we have our friends come over to watch. Really b/c I don't really like watching the jazz, and neither does Alek's wife. So Cj and Alek will sit and watch the game and be on sports betting or whatever they do. And his wife and I are able to talk. She plays with Olive, and I play with her 4 month old daughter Abby. She is SO adorable. I really enjoy babies, especially during a jazz game! Stacey is a really sweet lady and It's fun to have them come over for a little. :)

Told you she is adorable!

Thursday night Cj and I decided to go out to dinner to a restaurant called Station 22 it's right on Center Street. Right before we were leaving I decided to snap a couple pictures.

On Friday I got Olive groomed and I guess she has an ear infection :( So we are treating her with antibiotic ear drops, poor thing!

Monday I found out one of our FAVORITE drug reps had passed away. It was pretty sudden, he had an illness and didn't think it was anything so never got treated. He finally ended up in the hospital and died an hour later. My mom, Krystal and I went to his viewing. It was in South Jordan we got there around 7. There were SOOOO many people there. Krystal has been to a lot of viewing's and said she had never seen one like that. The line wrapped around the church about 4 times. We ended up waiting in line for 3 hours! A lot of people loved him, and he'll be greatly missed.

Corbin needed a ride to work, so Cj and I took him. We wanted to get some ice cream before his shift at the cold stone in the mall. But it was closed, b/c it's Sunday in Provo, Utah duh. So we decided to take some pictures.

Yes, he's taller then me! Isn't that crazy?!?! He's such a good kid, I love my brother.

We thought Cj was taking our picture, but he had it on forward face and took one of himself. What a good.

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