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Thursday, December 23, 2010

22 on 12.22!

I turned 22 yesterday on 12/22! I had an awesome birthday up in Salt Lake with my husband Cj. To start my birthday off, Olive is in heat.. Yes, girl dogs have periods, but LUCKILY not monthly, Every 6 months. So for now, she gets to wear a baby diaper and she doesn't like it one bit.

I've been putting some clothes on her, so she doesn't feel as embarrassed, but she still seems mad about it.

I had a blast for my birthday. Cj and I got a hotel room at the Plaza for the night. He took me to the best Mexican restaurant EVER called The Red Iguana and it was delicious! Then we walked to gateway and he told me I had $100 limit to get whatever I want. So I went to Forever 21 and spent half of that. Then this morning we got up, went to breakfast, and then I stopped by target and spent the other half of my birthday present. I got lots of new clothes, which I felt like I needed. Ever since I've gotten married I don't spoil myself as much, so I'm glad I have Cj to spoil me.

I can't wait for Christmas/Christmas Eve to spend with our families! I am already getting sad thinking of taking down the Christmas tree! : (

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