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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice?!

This mom called me yesterday asking me where she could buy beetle juice. I kind of laughed and said "beetle juice?" and she was like "Yeah, it's used for warts?" & I had to look it up online and it's actually called cantharidin and I guess it has beetle juice in it, I thought that was interesting. I had a great Christmas! Cj and I spent the night at my parents, I didn't really sleep b/c my brother kept me up b/c he couldn't sleep b/c he was so excited to see what he got for Christmas. He's 17. Cj's parents came over to my parents for dinner it was a big family get together.

This is me and my Thai sister. My mom has her living with her for a year while she goes to school here.

Me and the hubby.
My mom let Olive stay the night at he house on Christmas Eve and Olive tried to attack Sammy AGAIN! :( Here's the little brat. She looks so innocent doesn't she?

Well she's not. I had a fun first married Christmas. Cj got me some TOMS and they are so comfy! He's so sweet. My parents got me a giftcard to Forever 21, and I got new pajama's ect. It's sad that Christmas is already over. I already took our tree down. I wish I waited until after New Year's b/c it was a freaking blizzard tonight and it feels like Chirstmas.

I'm excited for the New Year and what it has to bring for my new life married. I'm so thankful for Cj and how patient he is with me. I feel so blessed to spend the rest of my life with him. And I guess this little brat, for now...

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