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Monday, December 20, 2010


So Saturday night I started having some abdominal pain and went to bed early. I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I got hit by a truck! I was feeling achy, chills, back pain, abdominal pain and nauseas. It sucked. Usually on Sundays we go to Cj's parents house, and then my parents house. So I got up and got ready for the day and stopped at Cj's parents.

Around 4 we went over to Iggy's for my birthday dinner, b/c my dad was working and I wanted us to be as a family. Anyways, I decided to eat and once I started eating I started feeling nauseas so I stopped eating but even smelling the food around me was making me feel even more sick. So I toughened it out and drove home to pick up my laundry at my mom's house.

My sister Haley spent the night so we came back home and while I was folding laundry I felt nauseas and finally threw everything up. After throwing up I felt a little bit better but just really weak and tired. I took some liquid niquill to help me with my body aches so I could get a good night's rest. I woke up around 11 pm feeling like I was going to throw up. So I ran to the bathroom (barely made it) and threw up water and niquill. :(

I woke up today, being lazy and getting ready for the day took forever! I've felt like i've been moving like a sloth all day. I'm hoping I'll get better soon. It's the week of my birthday and Christmas!

Well sorry to not post any pictures, or talk about anything fun. I hope you guys all enjoyed your Monday!

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