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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy girl : )

Well to start off I am feeling SO much better today. Thank goodness. Cj woke me up this morning to take him to work and this is what our front yard looked like...

Yes, it snowed so much that the snow was so heavy that a huge branch broke off.

Other then that I love when there is fresh snow on the ground. But I hate driving in the snow.

Olive and I just chilling at home waiting for this guy to finish installing a new stereo in my car for my Christmas present from my dad, Cj and Jamie.

I am so stoked about my new stereo! I have been driving my car for almost a year without a stereo. One day mine just went out so I have been just playing music from my iPhone and putting it on the dashboard while I drove. But now I don't have to do that! I can't believe I went that long without it. It is SO nice driving around listening to music as loud as I want!

Cj and my brother Corbin just HAD to build a snow fort today, so we went to my mom's and I cleaned the kitchen for her, while the boyz did their thing. After a long good day I am so ready for tomorrow. Cj got us a hotel room for my birthday in Salt Lake City, I am very excited!

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