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Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm in a glass case of emotions!

This week has been hectic. Our family is going through a struggle right now. I know over time it will get better, but it's going to take time. I'm doing a lot better as the week has gone by, thank goodness for my close friends and my family who have been there for me and my family.

Anyways, I'm off work till Monday! I have no plans so far just chilling I guess. Work has been busy, busy. Yesterday was crazy. We just had some crazy, loud kids that their parents didn't care if they were screaming in the office, or running down the halls. I went out to the lobby and they're just running around, there were sucker sticks all over the floor and wrappers. They also asked if we could change the movie from Curious George to Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer... REALLY? And the mom was just sitting on the couch reading a magazine.. Oh well.

Then I took this family back it was 2 little boys and their little sister. I weighed her and she was 17 lbs. And the little boy looked at me and was like "17 pounds and it punched me in the eyeball!" and his little brother starts cracking up! I had no idea what that meant but I thought it was funny. Kids can be funny, I love working around them almost everyday!

Olive finally got groomed. I had her shaved b/c she had dreds all over, and it hurt her when I tried to brush her out. I think she looks so cute though!

I love her 2 little bows she has in her hair! Now, she just has 1 bow in her hair, of course. She was really mad at me when I picked her up, but I think she has finally forgiven me.

Here are my 2 babies. Silly kids.

When we got home today Olive's friend Miyagi was outside. She was being so funny with him I made a video of them... playing?? Olive was acting like a brat so I don't know if you call it playing.

Anyways I hope everyone is having a great Friday so far! And just know as we go day by day things will get better. :)

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